The Best Catnip Online - 2 Best Natural Catnip

The Best Catnip Online – #2 Best Natural Catnip

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The Best Catnip Online – #2 Best Natural Catnip

Has your cat been showing symptoms of anxiety or depression? Does it seem like your furry friend is nowhere near as active as they were before? If you are looking for a way to stimulate their activity or inspire them to play with toys, you might want to try catnip. The plant is famous for its relaxant properties that are particularly effective on cats. Estimations say that two-thirds of all felines are attracted to it, but you can increase the odds of the plant working on your pet if you find the best catnip out there. Check out our top picks to find your favorite!

This Canadian manufacturer offers 100% natural catnip in three different packages. Find a suitable one whether you want to give your pet catnip for the first time or stock it for long-term use!

Best Choice

Cat Crack Catnip, Premium Blend Safe for Cats, Infused with Maximum Potency

by Cat Crack

The ingredients include only catnip, which implies that this is a high-quality, natural product. Thanks to that, most cats will respond positively to it. The manufacturer pinpoints that the plant is harvested fresh to ensure the highest possible quality. The product has a long lifespan and maintains effectiveness over time; that can be important if you choose the biggest pack that includes 16 cups of this herb blend. If your pet has never tried the product before, you may want to start slowly with a four-cup package.

The product contains some stems, but that is normal because it is a plant-sourced blend. The good news is that there are considerably fewer stems in this product in comparison to similar ones. The manufacturer packs the herb in plastic bags, which may be a bit inconvenient to use. You might find that the catnip has a strong, mint-like aroma, but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as your pet likes it.

Best Natural Catnip

Tabby James Organic Catnip | Fresh Fine Cut Catnip | Made in USA

Tabby James gets its catnip from US-based organic farms, which guarantees that the plant is of the highest quality, and is free from dangerous chemicals.

It is not easy to find pure catnip these days, and Tabby James has managed to establish its position as a brand that delivers high-quality products. The company works only with certified-organic farms, all of which are based in the USA. That secures that this blend is pure and potent, which means it should be effective even on the strongest cats out there. The product may be a good choice if your cat is anxious or showing signs of depression as it provides a high level of relaxation. The manufacturer packs catnip in jars, and the box the product comes in is beautifully arranged.

There is no doubt that this is a high-quality catnip, but as always, there is no guarantee that your pet will like it. As you know, kitties are picky creatures, which is why you should start with low doses. The problem is that Tabby James offers their catnip in two-pack jars, so if your cat doesn’t like it, you may end up with a lot of product that you don’t know how to use up.


Best Catnip Spray

Meowijuana Catnip Spray

by Meowijuana

If your cat doesn’t want to play with its old toys anymore, you can use this spray to make them fun again. The product is easy to use and completely organic.

Meowijuana offers a different approach to catnip; it packs the oil of this herb in the form of a spray. Use the spray as a training tool that will make your cat active or as a product that can rejuvenate old toys. If your pet doesn’t seem interested in their toys anymore, spraying a bit of this formula might make them attractive again. Before you know it, your kitten might be rolling and meowing as if they got a new toy. It is worth noting that the manufacturer uses only organic catnip; they emphasize that the spray is an eco-friendly product that won’t hurt the environment.

Be aware that the product doesn’t only contain catnip oil, but purified water. Although that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, it is still not potent as dry products. For some cats, it will be enough, but if your pet has severe anxiety or depression, it may not be the most fitting choice. Also, note that there is not a lot of spray in a single container.

Best Aroma Catnip

MagJo Naturals Farm Direct Catnip

by MagJo

MagJo Naturals’ Catnip is a product that combines large packaging and optimal quality. Although it comes in bulk bags, the leaf and flower blend offers ultimate freshness.

The manufacturer explains the process of making this catnip in detail. First, they receive the plant directly from farms. Next, they cut the plant–they don’t ground it into powder– and sift through it to remove buds and flowers. Finally, they pack it in a bag with a thick lining to maintain the freshness. Once you receive the blend, you will notice the product’s fine aroma. Chances are that your cat will be attracted by the same, and it shouldn’t take long before you see the first effects of the plant on your pet. If compared with some similar units, this brand can keep your cat active for quite a long time.

MagJo Naturals only makes its catnip available in bulk bags. The lowest amount you can purchase is half a pound. That size may become problematic if your kitty doesn’t like the product or it is ineffective on your particular pet. Apart from this, always be sure to sift through the catnip that you plan to give to your cat. Although it rarely happens, you may encounter stems that you should remove as they are not good for your cat.

What Really Matters

Although reliable brands do their best to maintain the highest quality, you can’t say that the catnip market is completely regulated. That is why you should always stick to a reputable manufacturer when choosing the best catnip for your pet. Apart from that, these are some other factors to consider.

Pick the Desired Form of Catnip

Did you know that catnip is available in many forms? If you are looking for the one that will have the highest potency, go with dried herbs. As long as you secure optimal freshness and purity, this is the most effective form of catnip out there.
You can also choose a spray that contains the catnip plant’s oil and purified water. The latter makes it a bit less potent, but it can still be effective, especially if your cat enjoys this plant. Sprays may be more convenient as you can apply them to toys to make them attractive for your kitty again.
Some manufacturers even offer toys infused with catnip, and you can also choose cookies or other food that contains the leaves or flowers of this herb.

Purity and Freshness

These two factors affect the catnip’s effectiveness. When it comes to purity, look for the highest possible level. The dried herb shouldn’t contain any other ingredients, especially artificial preservatives and fillers. Additionally, it is vital that farmers harvest the herb while it is fresh.
That is why reputable manufacturers make sure to harvest catnip at the peak of the season. It is when the herb contains most nepetalactone–the element that attracts kitties. You can recognize fresh catnip by its green color, and the one that’s not fresh will be brown.


The packaging is important because it has the task of maintaining the plant’s freshness until it reaches you. Manufacturers often use sealed jars or plastic bags. Apart from functionality, it is nice to see that the product is packaged with care. Many manufacturers deliver catnip in a box, and others do their best to offer an attractive label.

What’s in Right Now?

You are probably aware that organic food is a huge trend throughout the world. Pet food is no exception, and cat owners seem to go crazy over pure organic catnip.
That makes sense because it is the best catnip you can buy for your kitty. However, it is important to confirm that the farms used to harvest the plant meet organic standards and regulations.


The price of catnip will vary depending on its purity, brand reputability, and quantity. Here is an overview of what you may expect in each pricing category:


In some cases, you may get catnip for under $10. However, it is vital to consider its purity and freshness. Some brands are keen on making false promises, so beware of deals that are too good to be true. You may find a high-quality catnip at this price, but you may have to settle for a small quantity.


The average price of catnip is from $15 to $20. You can expect to get a decent quality of the plant. If you choose carefully, you can find 100% natural and organic catnip in this price range.


If your cat is used to the finest products, there is no reason why not to get premium catnip, too. The cost can range from $20 to $30 or more, and it will depend on the product’s packaging. For the price, expect extremely fresh and pure catnip, which should maximize its effectiveness.


Q: Are catnip plants safe for cats?

A: Catnip won’t harm your kitty. As with any other product, large quantities of the herb may cause minor side effects, which might include diarrhea or vomiting. However, no severe or long-term contraindications were noticed. Please note that it is imperative to use pure catnip that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives.

Q: What are the benefits of catnip?

A: Catnip can boost your feline’s euphoria, energy, and excitement levels. At the same time, it may help your pet to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress. The relaxation effect will boost your cat’s mood and make it more active. Please note that experts estimate that every third cat won’t react to catnip as you may hope, which means they might be indifferent to the plant.

Q: How do you give catnip to a cat?

A: For some cats, it will be enough to take some catnip out of the bag or jar. All it takes is its smell. In other cases, you can add catnip to your kitty’s favorite food, or insert it into toys. You can even try purchasing toys scented or filled with the herb.

Q: How does catnip affect humans?

A: According to scientists, humans do not react to this herb because they don’t have the receptors for its main ingredient, nepetalactone. However, a catnip herbal tea can be tasty, and some use this herb as an insect repellant.

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