The Best Cat Doors Online - 2 Best for Interior Doors

The Best Cat Doors Online – #2 Best for Interior Doors

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The Best Cat Doors Online – #2 Best for Interior Doors

A cat door is a convenient way for a cat to enter and exit your home. It eliminates the hassle of having to stop what you’re doing to open and close a door each time your cat wants to go out, allowing them full autonomy and freedom. Cat doors can be especially helpful during the night, so your cat can safely come and go as she pleases without disturbing you. We have compiled a list of the best cat doors available on the market, all of which are stylish, practical, and easy to install.


PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door for Dogs and Cats

Quick and easy to install, this stylish and discreet cat door fits into your patio door, allowing your cat to enter and exit as they please.

The PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Pet Door is an adjustable patio cat door that easily allows your cat to leave and return home whenever s/he pleases. It’s easy to install, is energy efficient, hard-wearing and is barely noticeable inside your home. Furthermore, if you want to restrict outdoor access, you can use the slide-in panel to stop your cat from using the door at any time.

Since the glass is not double-paned, it can collect moisture and air. This isn’t an issue unless you live in a climate that reaches below zero degrees in the winter. If it’s very cold out, the moisture in this space can freeze and make it difficult for the door to open.

PAWSM Cat Door Removable Brush Grooms Kitty | Hides Litter Box from Kids and Dog

If you want to give your cat some privacy, you can do no better than the PAWSM Cat Door with a built-in grooming brush.

If you have an indoor cat, they’re likely to have their own allocated space within your home to use their litter or go to sleep. The PAWSM Cat Door allows you to lock off this space so that your cat has some privacy. Featuring a tunnel hole that he or she can move in and out of, your cat can reach their food, litter, or bedding whilst your kids and other pets can’t! Furthermore, the door has a built-in brush that gives your cat a grooming session as they move in and out.

The tunnel door is quite small, so if you have an extra-large cat, they may find this a little tight to squeeze through. It is, however, perfectly sized for small- to medium-sized cats, so will suit most homes.


PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door – Microchip RFID Pet Door

Give your cat exclusive access to your home with this easy-to-install cat door with a microchip sensor.

The problem with cat doors in general is that they can let any small animal into your home. But the PetSafe Microchip Cat Door recognizes your cat’s microchip and will only allow your cat to enter. What’s more, it’s easy to install, is energy efficient, and has a manual lock in case you don’t want your cat to go outside. This convenient product takes regular AA batteries.

This product makes a little bit of noise when your cat enters due to the way it reads the microchip. If you sleep near your cat door, you might find that it can wake you in the night if your cat uses it frequently.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box Pet Door for cats up to 21 lbs

Whether you have a naturally large breed of cat, or your feline just loves to over-indulge, this cat door will accommodate their slightly broader body.

Suited to interior doors only, the Kitty Pass Cat Door features a smooth, wide opening, a subtle design, and the ability to accommodate cats up to 20lbs. It’s easy to install on any interior door and is easy to paint should you wish it to match the color of your door or walls. We loved that this product comes with a template to help you cut the door to the exact required shape.

The sticky tape that comes with this product is not too strong. We found we had to use a little of our own glue to get this cat door frame to stick to the door. However, it still looks good and if you use the right glue, you shouldn’t have a problem.

What’s in Right Now?

Smart doors are in fashion right now. Smart cat doors offer microchip recognition so that no other animals can enter your home through the flap. Some of these can even be remotely locked from your phone or computer. Older, plastic cat flaps are now a thing of the past. Stylish, subtle cat flaps that fit into your home’s aesthetics are now commonplace. If you have a patio, you can buy modern cat flaps that sit inside your patio door without interfering with the view of your garden.


Expensive: $60-$100. An expensive cat door will be stylish, well made and offer modern technology to cater to your cat’s needs. It’ll fit into your door without compromising the look of your home.

Mid-Range: $25-$60. A mid-range cat door will be subtle and stylish. It should be easy enough to install but may require some tools and DIY skills.

Cheap: $5-$25. A cheap cat flap will normally offer a tunnel or a pushable flap. It will be very basic and be made from plastic or cheap wood. It will be fit for purpose and entirely practical, but may not be the most visually pleasing cat flap.


Will a cat door let the cold air in and affect the temperature of my home?

If you live in a cold climate, you need to be especially careful about the type of exterior cat door you choose. You will want a cat door that offers insulation and that you can lock when it’s not in use. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that freezing temperatures do not interfere with the door’s ability to open and shut. A regular push-flap cat door is not going to guarantee weatherproofing in cold climates, whereas a modern smart cat door is specifically designed for this purpose.

My cat is very large, which cat door should I use?

Every cat door is unique with regard to its shape, size and purpose. It’s important that you choose a large cat door if your kitty is particularly broad. Ordinarily, cat doors specify the maximum size it can cater to. Measure and weigh your cat if you are unsure of their size. If your cat becomes pregnant, she may struggle with regular-sized cat doors, so keep this in mind if you plan on breeding her.

I have several cats, which cat door will suit all of them?

Owning a large family of cats isn’t a barrier to buying a universal cat door. If you choose a smart door with microchip recognition, ensure that you pick one that recognizes several microchips, not just one. For interior doors, ensure you select one that is large enough that it will fit all of your cats, even if one or two gain a little weight.

My cat seems scared of the cat door. What can I do?

It’s normal for cats to be a little wary of cat doors. Any change within a home is noticed by cats and it’s only natural that they’ll be curious and possibly nervous. A reward system can help a cat get used to a new cat door. Stand on one side of the door with cat treats and beckon your cat to move through the door towards the treats. Another good technique is to leave your cat to explore the new door throughout the night. A quiet evening of solitude can be all that’s needed for a cat to gain the confidence to check out the new household appliance.

I rent my property. Can I get a cat door?

When you own your home, any household modifications are your choice. But as a renter, you will need to seek permission before changing a door because it can be a permanent change. Cat doors often require you to saw a big hole out of your door, so your landlord might have a problem with this. Failure to notify your landlord of these changes can lead to difficult consequences, so it’s vital you speak to them first. If you have a patio door, there is a way of installing a cat door without affecting the patio door itself, but it is still important to check with your landlord in advance.

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