How to Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain

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How and why stimulate your dog’s brain

Being a responsible pet owner means much more than just feeding and monitoring an animal’s health. Although these are very important aspects of the care process, there are other factors that are important. For example,  stimulate your dog’s brain or to put it simple just train the brain of your dog.

It is common for a lot of attention to be paid to the physical development of a dog , which is very important, since the activities carried out by the caregiver with the pet correspond to about 90% of the exercise that the dog will do during the day . Physical activity is essential for dogs because, in addition to keeping them entertained, it allows them to burn energy. Otherwise, they would end up expelling it through the development of unwanted habits, such as compulsive behaviors , or  destructive personality , among others. It is also a good way to avoid problems related to stress and anxiety.

The mental health of the dog is closely related to its physical development. If you can’t reduce your anxiety levels from boredom, your stress- related behavior problems won’t go away . Therefore, stimulating your dog’s brain is vital. The best thing is that this can be done while also being an entertaining activity for you.

Dogs are intelligent animals and have a great capacity for learning, but this intelligence  must be stimulated . As with children, if their capacities are not exploited, it will be difficult to develop them. Therefore, your dog needs you to provide him with things that challenge his intelligence, whether through exploration, play or facing challenges . 

That easy. Link your dog to some kind of sport that you like to do. For example, if you go for a walk or jog, you can take it, or you can also play a ball sport with it. If you want something more elaborate you can try the canine sport circuits, although these require training and your dog knowing how to follow some instructions.  These circuits are very good for your pet, because through them their attention and concentration will work, as well as following orders.

If you prefer other kinds of activities, you can play indoors, either on the patio or in the living room, although the ideal is for the dog to change environments, as this will allow it to stay in contact with other kinds of smells and sensations, which will be extremely enriching for him.

A good option will always be to take them to a lake or the beach . Any type of activity will be important, because it will allow you to deepen the relationship between the two and strengthen your bond.

Something ingenious, as well as inexpensive , that you can do with your dog is to come up with some toys that are interactive. Since you know what your pet’s tastes are, you can use this to your advantage to make some kind of artifact that is entertaining and also challenging for him.

For example, you can fill a box with rewards and let him figure out how to get them out , or you can simply go to the nearest pet store and buy a toy that is of this type and that will keep your dog entertained for hours.


You don’t need to pay him a coach. Simply follow some basic dog training recommendations  so that you can work with your dog on aspects of daily life, coexistence and some basic rules, such as, for example, that he responds to your call .

Education in dogs is essential , as it allows you to establish a dominant role over it. In addition, it will prevent him from developing abnormal behaviors and will make him more confident.

Finally, keep in mind that part of the fundamental keys for the proper development of your dog are affection, company and the time you dedicate.


Homemade games to stimulate the dog’s mind

Dog games are a tool to stimulate intelligence and avoid boredom

Like people, many dogs need to keep their minds busy. For this reason, walks and social relations with other animals and people are essential to avoid boredom of the dog and prevent more or less serious behavior problems (damage to the home, jealous dogs, anxiety, etc.). Finding a way to stimulate your dog’s brain is also a way to make it a happier animal. And playing with the dog is a useful tool to exercise his intelligence.

Here are simple and inexpensive games to awaken the dog’s mind

The game of hide and seek with the dog

A busy dog ​​is a happy dog. Getting him to carry his own backpack during the walk (with his personal belongings) or to bring the newspaper home are activities that exercise his brain.

Another interesting option is to play hide and seek with him. Spread some wet food on an object and hide it in the park or at home. If the game of hide and seek with the dog takes place inside the home, it is preferable that the toy is covered, in turn, with a t-shirt or other old clothing, in order to avoid staining the house.

The search track can incorporate boxes, containers, and other obstacles that the dog must jump over. The object with the food can be hidden in different places along the route and, as it is discovered, it is rewarded with caresses and even a homemade cookie .

One, two, three to stimulate the dog’s intelligence

Motivating the dog to take different actions is another fun game that serves to stimulate his mind. The signal to change activity (among others, to go from catching a ball to running down the hall in search of his toy or receiving a hug) can be preceded by an energetic and sympathetic “one, two, three”, which works as trigger to modify the action.


Five minutes of music for the dog

The sounds provide sensations to the dog and are a resource to calm an anxious puppy, who suffers when left alone at home. In the same way, hearing wolves howl or hearing wild whales in the sea is a stimulus for the dog’s brain.

The Internet helps to obtain some of these sounds for free. The Animal sounds website collects different and interesting wild sounds: from flying birds to farm animals and other barking congeners . Without a doubt, a stimulating recreation for the dog.

Go for a new trick!

Teaching the dog instructions, such as sitting, lying down, or pawing , is another way to keep the animal’s mind active. There are classes and professionals dedicated to dog training, but some homemade obedience tricks can also help and serve to develop your relationship skills. These training sessions force the dog to activate its brain.

Using some other complementary tool, such as a clicker (used in canine education), contributes to learning and makes it easier for the dog to follow the dynamics of the game, although it is not necessary. Once the dog has learned to sit, the new acquired patterns can be incorporated. Increasing complexity is one way to stimulate your mind.