grain free cat

The Best Grain-free Cat Foods (Review)

A lot of cats are allergic to certain foods like corn, wheat, and other such grains. If your cat is one of them, then you certainly look for the list of ingredients every time you buy food for your fur baby. There is a variety of grain-free cat foods available in the market that have…

cat vet

Here’s What You Should Feed Your Cat If It Has Diarrhea

When cats suffer from diarrhea, it’s very concerning. The main cause could be an alteration in diet. But if you are unsure about the reason behind its deteriorating health, it’s always best to contact the vet. One shouldn’t prohibit the cats from eating if they are suffering from diarrhea. However, if you are not sure…

Best Cat Food for Persian Cats

Almost every kid wanted a Persian cat like Snowbell after watching Stuart Little. Their beautiful and thick coat of fur and their compliant nature have made them one of the most adorable and popular cat breeds. However, every cat owner knows that Persian cats often face certain health issues. So, choosing the proper food for…

Avoderm cat food

Best AvoDerm Cat Food Reviews

When it comes to cat food, you undoubtedly want the best on the market because cats are delicate creatures who require optimal nutrition to be healthy and fit. There is no question that cat food comes in a variety of brands, one of which is AvoDerm, and we will walk you through some of the…

Best Food For Cats With Skin Problems

Cats with lustrous fur and soft skin reflect good health. We find cats of different colors, skin types, and fur coats, and we can easily find out if the cat is in its best condition just by looking at its physical appearance. Most indoor cats generally have soft skin and smooth fur, but you must…

Devon Rex

8 Best Cat Foods for Devon Rex

Ascending from the family of panthers and leopards, Devon Rexes are one of the most exquisite cat breeds out there. Thanks to their soft tail and curly coat, they are often called ‘the poodles of the cat world.’  There is always some debate over which food to feed to your feline friend. Wet or dry?…

best tinned cat food

Best Canned Cat Foods of 2021

What is the best canned cat foods? With juicy and flavourful taste and nutritional benefits, tinned cat food is one of the best options for your cat