Best Flea Medicines for Cats - 4 Best Long Lasting

Best Flea Medicines for Cats – #4 Best Long Lasting

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Best Flea Medicines for Cats – #4 Best Long Lasting

Many of us have cats or kittens at home, and we want to be sure we take steps to keep them healthy and happy. One of the main responsibilities cat owners have is to treat flea infestations. Parasites not only give your cat sore, itchy skin, but they can also take up residence in your carpets and soft furnishings. We understand that it can be challenging to find a treatment that is both easy to apply and efficient, but our guide to the best flea medicines for cats will help you make an informed choice about the right product for you and your cat or kitten.

Best Choice

Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment – Effective Through 6 Weeks

by Cheristin

Designed just for cats, Cheristin is a quick-drying and fragrance-free monthly flea treatment. It starts working faster than other branded flea treatments, yet is gentle on your cat’s skin.

Cheristin for Cats is an effective cat flea medicine that protects cats against fleas for up to six weeks. It is suitable for both cats and kittens over eight weeks old and weighing more than 1.8lbs. It is ideal for families with multiple cats. A controlled study showed that within 30 minutes, the flea treatment begins to kill fleas, and within 12 hours, 98-100% of fleas will have been killed. The applicator has a rounded tip which means that your cat is more comfortable when you press it against its skin.

The liquid can seem a little thick or oily when applied to the cat’s skin. The thickness of the liquid can make it more challenging to use the treatment as several squeezes of the tube may be required. Application is likely only to be an issue if your cat resists being held to apply flea treatment.


Best Easy To Use


SENTRY Fiproguard for Cats, Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats (1.5 Pounds and Over), Includes 6 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments


Sentry is a vet-approved flea product designed to protect your cat and kittens and is an affordable way to protect your cats.

Sentry Fibroguard for cats is a topical flea treatment that kills fleas and chewing lice for up to 30 days. It also prevents tick bites. This product contains the active ingredient fipronil, making it a vet-quality formula. It is suitable for cats and kittens over eight weeks old and weighing more than 1.5lbs. The liquid is applied between the shoulder blades directly onto the skin and is waterproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor cats. Each box contains six-months’ worth of treatment.

The medication may work best on cats of a lower weight. If you have an unusually large or heavy cat, Sentry may not be strong enough to prevent or completely eradicate their fleas or may work less effectively within a shorter time than expected.

Best Shampoo


Vet’s Best Advanced Strength Flea + Tick Cat Shampoo

by Vet’s Best

Vet’s Best shampoo is made in the USA and contains natural plant extracts with no harsh chemicals. The oils naturally kill fleas and will leave your cat’s fur feeling smooth and smelling fresh.

Vet’s Best is a gentle flea shampoo that kills fleas, larvae, and ticks without using harsh chemicals. It is suitable for cats and kittens aged over 12 weeks. Made with 100% natural clove and cottonseed oil, it also cleans and deodorizes cats with a calming scent. Once the shampoo has been lathered into your cat’s fur, a thorough rinse will remove dead fleas and ticks. This natural product can be used again as required. Other Vet’s Best products, such as a flea comb, can be used in conjunction.

Not all cats are keen on water, and a process that involves wetting their fur, lathering the shampoo, and then rinsing it out, maybe too much for a cat who prefers to remain dry. However, if you have a cat that likes to take a bath, this would not be an issue.

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Best Long Lasting

TevraPet Actispot II Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats- 6 doses

by TevraPet

This topical flea medicine is designed for large cats over 9lbs. Each application is designed to last for a month, and treats both the flea eggs and the fleas themselves.

TevraPet Actispot II is a topical flea treatment that kills adult fleas on contact and arrests the development of eggs, larvae, and pupae to prevent further infestation. It is designed for large cats weighing over 9lbs. The liquid is waterproof to prevent it from washing off and easy to apply onto the skin between your cat’s shoulder blades. Actispot gives prevention for a full month. Six months’ worth of treatment is contained in each pack, making this product an affordable choice.

The treatment is designed for cats weighing over 9lbs. However, for extra-large cats, this treatment can appear not to last as long, and some fleas may be noticed before the one month period is over. If you have a hefty cat or one with dense fur, a more potent product may be required.

Best for Kittens Over 4kg

Vectra for Cats & Kittens Over 9lbs 3 Doses


Vectra is a monthly flea treatment that is suitable for cats and kittens over 4kg (9lbs). Fleas can affect kittens and young cats, and regular treatment with Vectra helps reduce infestations.

Vectra is a topical flea treatment that can be used on kittens as young as eight weeks if they weigh more than 9lbs. It works quickly to kill fleas within six hours. We love that the fleas do not have to bite the skin for this product to work because it makes it even more effective. This product is also active against flea eggs, larvae, and pupae to prevent further outbreaks. The liquid dries quickly without leaving a greasy residue, and the patented applicator makes for swift and easy application. Each dose lasts for one month, with three doses in each pack.

As this product is suitable for cats that weigh 9lbs (just over 4kg), Vectra may not be an appropriate choice until your kitten is older. If you have a large kitten, however, then this product is a great option.

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What Really Matters

Long-Lasting Protection

If your cat doesn’t enjoy having their flea treatment applied, you may find yourself preparing for a battle when it’s time to administer the medication. As soon as your cat realizes what you’re about to do, their claws may appear, or they may start growling or hissing. If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. Understandably, you will be keen to select a product that provides long-lasting protection so that treatment is as infrequent as possible. Flea treatments that last for a month offer a manageable treatment frequency that both you and your cat will find tolerable. Additionally, for even longer-lasting protection, select a product that is waterproof to ensure the medication does not get rinsed off in the rain or when your cat is exploring outside.

Treatment of Common Parasites in Your Neighborhood

When selecting a cat flea treatment, you want to be sure that it will suit your cat and the environment that they inhabit. For example, some geographic areas are known to be particularly high risk for ticks. Ticks are spider-like creatures and are known to prefer areas of woodland or fields with particularly long grass. If a tick attaches itself to the skin of your cat, it can be hard to spot amongst thick fur, but it could be transmitting diseases, including Lyme disease. These diseases could cause severe illness, requiring veterinarian treatment. If your cat goes out exploring in woodland or long grasses, you want to ensure the flea treatment you use is also effective against other parasites that your cat is at risk of contracting.

Suitable for Multiple Cats

Many of us have more than one cat in our household, and managing to treat every cat can feel like a drawn-out process each month. Whether you have a mixture of cats and kittens or two cats of different weights or sizes, it can be a nuisance to buy a different product for each cat based on their age or weight. Finding a product that suits all of the cats in your household means you can simply buy the same product for each cat, and not worry about ensuring that the right product is given to the right cat. Each cat will also follow the same dosing regimen, meaning that you can treat every cat on the same day, and always know when the next dose is due for all of your feline family.

What’s In Right Now

Treating and preventing fleas can feel like a battle, especially if a treatment doesn’t quite manage to kill every flea or egg, and another outbreak begins. You will want to make sure that your pet is free from parasites; fleas are unpleasant for your cat but can also make your life miserable if they take up residence in your carpets or sofa. Treatments that offer prompt results are therefore very popular. Some medications can start killing fleas within 30 minutes, providing your cat almost instant relief from itching and discomfort. A treatment that uses active pharmacological ingredients might kill up to 100% of fleas with one application, and can also kill eggs before they have a chance to hatch.

Many cats do not enjoy having any form of treatment or being held against their will, and so products that offer prompt and easy application remain popular. The creation of comfortable, rounded tip applicators can be more bearable for your cat, and even the most resistant of cats can be restrained long enough to squirt the liquid onto the back of their neck quickly.

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$23-$35 for monthly flea treatments that are suitable for larger, heavier cats and kittens. These treatments contain vet-recommended active ingredients to kill any fleas on your cat’s skin. They work on killing eggs and fleas without the flea needing to bite the skin, ensuring the best possible results.

Mid Range

$10-$15 for monthly flea treatments that contain an active, vet-recommended ingredient to kill fleas and other parasites. These products are suitable for smaller cats and can be used on kittens over eight weeks old.


Less than $10 for a cat shampoo that contains natural ingredients and oils to kill fleas and parasites gently. The product also deodorizes and cleans the cat’s fur.

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I have both dogs and cats at home, can I use the same product for all of my pets?

If you have multiple animals at home, it can be tempting to use the same product for all of them. However, many flea treatments are designed specifically only for cats or dogs. A cat flea treatment, therefore, should not be used on a dog, and vice versa. Some products are designed for more than one type of animal, and in this case, care should be taken to read the product information as the dosing may be different depending on the animal or their weight.

I would like a product that will last for longer. What should I choose?

Most products last for four weeks before repeat dosing is required. The reason application should be monthly is because the active ingredients start to wear off after this time. You may find it helpful to select a product that comes with multiple doses in the same pack to avoid having to purchase a new product each month. Some medications come in a three- or six-month supply pack, meaning that as long as you remember to apply the product every month, your pet will be covered.

I live in Florida, where there is a big flea problem. What should I look for in a product?

Your own personal, geographic location should influence the product you buy for your cat. Some areas of the world have a higher incidence of certain parasites, including ticks and fleas. For areas with a high prevalence of flea infestations, consider using a product that contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient such as spinetoram or fipronil to begin killing fleas from the first application. You may also wish to use products endorsed by veterinarians for their efficacy and suitability for use on cats.