The Best Cat Water Fountain Online - 4 Best Smart Fountain

The Best Cat Water Fountain Online – #4 Best Smart Fountain

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The Best Cat Water Fountain Online – #4 Best Smart Fountain

Cats must have access to fresh water at all times. Dehydration can be dangerous and, in some cases, fatal. Some cats need more water than others, such as those fed a dry food diet. The best cat water fountain can give your cat running water at all times, and some are even equipped with technology to notify you when a refill is needed. Read on to discover the top cat water fountains.

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain丨Ultra Quiet, Way Better Than Plastic

The iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain features durable construction and eliminates exposure of BPA and other chemicals. The fountain consistently moves to provide safer drinking water.

The fountain is made from ceramic material, which means pets are not exposed to chemicals like BPA. The fountain also provides a consistent movement in the water, which reduces the risk of bacteria growth in the bowl. The drinking fountain is ideal for both dogs and cats. The built-in filter and foam provide further protection by filtering water as it moves through the fountain. The product comes with additional replacement foam and filters.

The product has a relatively high price tag when compared to some of the other water fountains made for pets. This is not a good product for a larger number of pets due to the relatively small bowl and 2.1l water capacity.


Comsmart Cat Water Fountain, 81oz/2.4L LED Pet Fountain Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser

The Comsmart Cat Water Fountain comes with compact design that makes this an ideal option for placement anywhere in the house. The fountain has a LED light that helps to guide your cat in the dark.

Great design. Made with food-grade materials. Triple water filtration system. BPA-free materials and sturdy construction with stainless steel to prevent rust. Water level indicator on the side of the fountain. Blue, built-in LED light for nighttime.

Compact design means this may not be a good fountain for multiple cats.


PETKIT Cat Water Fountain, Ultra-Quiet Cat Water Dispenser

This Cat Water Fountain is the perfect option for those who find other fountains too noisy; this fountain’s pump is exceptionally quiet. It encourages your cat to drink from the fountain more often.

Pump is quiet, which ensures that noise will not scare off your cat. Features a two-liter built-in water container. ABS material has been FDA-approved. Smart features built into the fountain for better management of the water stream. Quadruple water filtration system. LED lights indicate water shortage and filter replacement.

Smaller water container compared to some other systems. Filtration system needs more filters on each replacement.


PETONEER Smart Dog Cat Water Fountain – App Remote Control

The PETONEER Cat Water Fountain is great for more device control and Smart Home integration. After activating the device, you can download an app on your smartphone and sync it with the fountain.

Smart system with LED indicators tells you when water is running low. High purity water filtration system with quiet water pump. Compatible with convenient smart device applications.

Higher cost than some competitor fountains. Need a smartphone to access the mobile app.


OKAWADACH Dog Water Bowl, Dog Bowl Slow Water Feeder

If you find that other options on the market are too expensive, try the ELS Pet Water Bowl. This is a great product for cats. At under $16, the fountain’s price is the most tempting factor.

Budget-friendly option with lower price than most competitors. Built-in plate keeps your cat’s fur dry and prevents overflow. The water level adjusts automatically. An anti-slip pad covers the bottom of the device.

Small internal water capacity compared to other models.

What Really Matters?

Ease of Assembly

Many water fountains will need to be assembled once they arrive. Consider how the assembly of the product works. Most people don’t have time to spend hours of frustration on the assembly process. Make sure that the product comes with full instructions if an assembly is required.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping your cat’s water bowl and fountain clean is essential. Without frequently cleaning the device, bacteria can accumulate, and the filters may not work effectively. This could be harmful for your cat. Consider how easy it is to clean the product in which you are interested. Do not waste too much time cleaning the product. Take extra care to read through the product description to ensure that cleaning is not a tedious task. Most products will come with a description of the cleaning process. Be sure to opt for one with quick and easy maintenance.

Water Filtration

Regular tap water can be filled with harmful chemicals. You also run the risk of having pathogens collect in the water while it sits in the bowl. This is why you must be sure that the product you decide to buy comes with a water filtration system or be prepared to clean the bowl much more frequently. There are different filtration systems used. Some products use charcoal to collect pathogens and any harmful particles that may collect in the water. There are also activated carbon filters and ionized filtration systems.

Water Capacity

The capacity is also something you will want to check. This criterion is more up to personal preference. Consider how many cats you have. The more cats you own, the more water will be needed. Aim to buy a product with a larger capacity if there are multiple cats that will be drinking from the fountain.


Some cat water fountains make a lot of noise. This can keep you up at night and even scare your cat away from the water bowl. Some devices, however, are built with a special pump that doesn’t make so much noise.


This is another personal factor. Consider how much you can afford to pay. Take this into consideration when searching for a fountain.

What’s in Right Now?

People are opting more for cat water fountains that are equipped with technology that helps to reduce energy consumption. This is an important factor since these devices are turned on most of the time. With smart home technology, customers also tend to prefer water fountains that can pair with smartphones.



$10 to $20 gets you a basic bowl-based fountain.


$20 to $60 gets you a fountain with a filtration system.


$60 to $100 can get you a smart device.


What are the benefits of a cat water fountain?

A cat water fountain has two major benefits. First, it allows you to provide cats with enough water to last them for the entire day in one container. A single refill per day will usually be enough. Second, it provides a constant stream of water, which helps to promote drinking and also reduces the risk of collected bacteria, as pathogens are known to make still water its breeding ground.

How safe is a cat water fountain for my pet?

A cat water fountain is generally considered to be a safe product as long as you ensure that the device’s materials are non-toxic. Look for fountains made from quality stainless steel. Also, be sure that any plastic or resin used in the device is marked as BPA-free.

What should I do if my cat doesn’t drink from the fountain?

Some cats might find a water fountain to be “something new”. The good news here is that cats are most often drawn toward running water compared to still water. Thus, most cats are likely to start drinking from the product immediately. If your cat does not, then consider trying a different setting; read the manual to see if the faucet can be adjusted. Also, listen to the device–if it is noisy, this might be what is scaring your cat away.

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