Best Cat Scratching Post Online - 4 Best for Two Cats

Best Cat Scratching Post Online – #4 Best for Two Cats

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Best Cat Scratching Post Online – #4 Best for Two Cats

Most cat lovers will agree that while we all love and adore our furry feline friends, we do not love the tattered furniture and shredded curtains that often go hand-in-hand with having a cat. Investing in a cat scratching post may be the best investment you make when it comes to your pets, saving you hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Scratching keeps cats’ claws healthy, lets them mark their territory, both visually and with their scent, and results in an overall happy, calm cat. We are confident our top-five cat scratching posts will change your life and your cat’s life too!

Primetime Petz Hauspanther Maxscratch – Oversized Jute Cat Scratcher & Perch

If you’re looking for a durable cat post that also looks elegant in your home, choose the Primetime Petz Hauspanther MaxScratch. It’s sturdy enough for hours of climbing, clawing, and perching.

Cat parents particularly love the stability and durability of this 29-inch tall post. Cats can easily hop on and off this extra-large post without sending it flying. We appreciated that it comes with a built-in perch and non-slip pads on the top and bottom to protect the floors. Our cats loved scratching the natural jute rope too. We were also impressed that you can flip the post over if one area is being overused, making it more long-lasting and, therefore, cost-effective.

Some buyers felt the rope wasn’t securely attached enough, and when it moves around, it exposes parts of the tube, which degrades the overall look of the scratching post. While we love the design and function of this scratching post, it could be considered slightly overpriced, given that the post is made of cardboard.

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Nailed It! Premium Natural Woven Sisal Cat Scratching Post

This super tall cat scratching post by Nailed It! is made from top quality wood and covered in woven sisal, making it a durable option for cat owners who prefer a sturdier, natural-looking post.

Cats will enjoy relaxing on the perch and base, which is covered in extra-plush fabric. We enjoyed that this scratching post comes with a toy attached, providing some playful enjoyment along with the benefits of a scratch post. At 30.5 inches tall, this post provides ample stretch space. The neutral colors and natural-feel woven sisal means this post will blend in easily with the design of any room. Plus, we found this post super easy to put together in a simple two-step process.

Some buyers found the perch a little small. And while we love the bonus toy, it’s a bit flimsy. We would have preferred a more durable toy attachment. Also, we weren’t happy that this scratching post doesn’t come with rubber pads underneath to secure it, so it sometimes moves around. It’s not the best option for hardwood floors.

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

The PetFusion 3-sided scratch post is a boredom-busting, award-winning product for an affordable price. Its stylish modern design and versatile features make it a favorite among cat lovers.

Buyers found this scratching post good value for money as cats can nap, scratch, and play all in one spot. Plus, you can rotate it around, giving you much more use out of it. We like that the different angles allow cats to stretch in different ways. We also love that it’s small enough to tuck under a table. We were equally thrilled that it’s made with recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue, making it an environmentally friendly option. The silicon floor grippers are good to have too.

Some cats weren’t impressed with the strange shape of this post. It’s also not very stable and certainly not very heavy. It tends to slide around on floors, even if you use the rubber pads they give you for underneath. If you have big cats that are quite rough, this is not the right scratch post for you. We didn’t like that you can’t buy replacements and that it’s quite messy.


PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

The PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is ideal for homes with more than one cat. It’s big, it’s durable, and it looks good too. It’s a cat’s paradise designed for scratching, playing, and sleeping.

If you’re tired of your cats shredding your furniture, then it’s worth investing in this post made from premium quality cardboard that is put together piece by piece, making it extra durable and sturdy . We like that it’s reversible too and doesn’t make too much of a mess when in use. We especially liked the spacious design of this post, and that it has enough space for several cats to lounge on. Another big plus is its minimalist, contemporary design. The organic catnip included is a lovely touch.

The most significant dissatisfaction with this product is that it’s quite expensive for, essentially, a cardboard scratching post. And while it can be rotated, the scratching boards can’t be replaced. For a cardboard product that degrades over time, some buyers found it not worth the money. We also found the edges of the post a bit too sharp, and it takes up quite a bit of space.

CONTACTS Cat Scratcher Cardboard Wall Mounted, Mordern Cat Scratching Post

The CONTACTS wall-mounted cat scratcher satisfies cats’ instincts to stretch and scratch simultaneously. Easy installation and affordable prices make it the ideal no-fuss option.

We found that our cats enjoyed the curved design of this vertical scratching post as it enabled them to stretch out comfortably. It’s also great that this post can be mounted on the wall, making it a perfect solution if you need to free up space in a small home. It’s also fairly easy to install and comes with four adhesive stainless steel hooks. We liked that it comes with a complimentary catnip.

Our most significant criticism of this product is that it’s not the most attractive scratching post on the market. Even though you can put it up on a wall out of the way, it’s not something that everyone would want on display. Being cardboard, it naturally makes a mess when shredded, which some buyers may not appreciate.

What Really Matters


A crucial thing to consider when buying a cat scratching post is its durability. You don’t want to be purchasing a new scratching post every few months. Purchasing a durable cat post will save you money and is also beneficial for the environment. Be aware that not all cardboard is created equally, so if you opt for a cardboard scratching post, choose one that is made from individual pieces glued together for greater longevity and sturdiness. Wooden posts will naturally last longer. Sturdy posts with a solid base also ensure that the cat feels secure when scratching.


Cat scratching posts can be covered in a variety of different materials, including sisal rope, sisal material, jute, wood, and carpet. It’s a good idea to try and figure out your cat’s favored material before purchasing a scratching post. Cats find the shredding action of scratching materials and the associated noise very satisfying, so keep that in mind when making your choice. Rope and jute tend to last longer than carpet-covered posts. If you have a cat that is mostly outside, it may prefer a wooden scratching post.

Size and Shape

Stretching out their muscles and remaining flexible is an essential aspect of feline health. And cats like to stretch while they scratch, so finding a scratching post that is long enough to accommodate their length is crucial if you want them to use the post. It’s also a good idea to have a post that allows for both horizontal and vertical stretching and scratching. Multi-angle posts are also great.

What’s In Right Now?

Products that serve several purposes and save space are important in 2020. Wall-mounted cat scratchers that free up space on the floor are becoming more favored, as are multi-purpose cat scratching posts that include a play area, toys, and a lounging or sleeping feature all in one piece. Modern cat furniture is growing in popularity, combining stylish design with functional features that benefit cats.

With the environment in the spotlight in 2020, the focus is also on creating cat scratching posts that are environmentally conscious. Scratching posts made from eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable materials, and non-toxic glue is becoming more and more sought after, with pet owners becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases.



$100 – $2000 will get you a top-of-the-range scratching post combined with a climbing tower, bed, and toys.

Mid Range

$20-$100 for a top-quality, durable scratching post.


$20 and below for a basic scratcher.


Where’s the best spot to place a cat scratching post in the house?

The best spot to place the scratching post is next to the furniture your cat usually scratches. If you’ve purchased a complete cat tree or tower that includes a scratching post, try to find an area in the house or on an undercover patio, in which the cat feels safe. Putting it in the cat’s favorite room will ensure you get the most use out of it.

How do I train my cat to use a scratching post?

One way to attract a cat to a scratching post is to use catnip. Sprinkle some over the cat furniture, and your cat will come running. Also, playing with your cat in the area of the post is another good way to encourage the cat to use it. At first, place the scratching post in front of the cat often. You will also need to discourage the cat from using other surfaces to sharpen its nails. Try covering the area of a couch that the cat scratches with tinfoil or tape. Or, make a loud noise to discourage the cat and redirect it to the scratching post.

What is the ideal height of a cat scratching post?

The average ideal height for a cat scratching post is at least 31 inches. However it depends on the size of your cat. The general rule of thumb is that a vertical cat post should be long enough for your cat to do a full-body stretch. Horizontal scratching posts can be shorter because the cat does more of a crouching  shape when sharpening its nails horizontally.

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