The Best Cat Nail Clippers Online - 5 Best with Safety Guard

The Best Cat Nail Clippers Online – #5 Best with Safety Guard

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The Best Cat Nail Clippers Online – #5 Best with Safety Guard

Oftentimes, when we hear the words cat and nail clippers together, our first reaction is to cringe. Whether you have dealt with this issue before or are looking into your first attempt, cats are notoriously difficult to work with, period–from their food preferences to their hatred of all things water. We love our housecats and want the best for them, but grooming, especially in terms of trimming their nails, is nightmarish. Clipping a puppy’s nails is challenging, yes, but when we’re talking about cats, it’s a whole other ballgame. In fact, many of us would never even consider attempting it ourselves. To our surprise, those who groom professionally or are simply brave enough to take on this task use a series of cat nail clippers. Whether you are attempting to prevent your cat from hurting you, your furniture, your kids, other animals, or even themselves, keeping a housecat’s nails trimmed is a beneficial choice. For those who are looking to forego the vet or groomer bill, browse our cat nail clippers below to discover the best cat nail clippers on the market.

Best Choice

JOFUYU Updated 2020 Version Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmer – Professional Pet Nail Clippers and Claw Trimmer


When we found The JOFUYU Clipper, we knew we had found a winner. Not only does it work well for cats, but also for small dogs, rabbits, and the like.

Crafted from stainless-steel, these are durable and dependable for whenever you need them. From cats to guinea pigs and puppies, this is a versatile tool that is favored by vets and pet owners alike. Thanks to their sharpness and sturdy grip, these clippers work quickly and efficiently so as to lessen the battle. Because they cut quickly without damage, you can even allow your cat a break or two before finishing.

Perhaps the biggest benefit you’ll see from the JOFUYU clipper is its gentleness. Instead of declawing them and leaving them without defenses, give these a shot. Finally, these clippers are available at an impressively low price. They also feature an arc design that allows you to see exactly where you cut. Should you have any doubts or problems, they will refund your money.

These are not made by a major or well-known brand. Also, the finger holes are a bit small.

Best Design

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals – Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit


Design should come above all else when you start seeking out the best cat nail clippers for your cat. Clipping your pet’s nails can be troublesome and downright challenging.

With a cute and effective design, these green and white cat clippers are expertly designed, easily clipping cat nails without harm to you are your animal. The holes where you insert your finger are quite roomy, so even those with large hands can easily operate these clippers. They are very strong and able to cut through even the toughest of nails without skipping a beat. For less than $10, you can access vet-quality clippers and groom your cat when you have time. This saves money not only on vet bills, but also saves time and a car ride. Should you have any issues, Shiny Pet also offers a money-back guarantee.

Again, this is not a well-known brand. Furthermore, should you prefer a different design, keep in mind these have a slightly slanted blade.

Best Budget-Friendly

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers Non-Slip Handle One Size Fits All

by JW

No one wants to spend a fortune on something as small as nail clippers, however, we are still concerned with the quality over the price tag.

At under $4, these clippers are the cheapest on the market and bring nothing but top-notch results. Its intelligent design allows for quick and efficient results, and they won’t slip even if your cat moves a lot. Therefore, you can trust this pair of clippers to get the job done without causing damage to you or your cat’s precious paws. The bright yellow color ensures these are not easily misplaced. They are small in size and easy to store between uses. Their shorter length makes them convenient, easily maneuvered, and easy to use, causing little stress for your cat. This product is perfect for cats of all sizes. Even if you are not on a budget, these are ideal for anyone with small animal grooming needs.

Those with larger hands may want to consider a different option. They are also quite stiff, leaving little room for flexibility.

Best Injury-Preventing

Zen Clipper Pet Nail Clippers – The Worry-Free Grooming Nail Clippers, Avoid Painful Overcutting

by Zen Clipper

Anyone who clips their own nails or those of their pet is likely aware of the risk for injury. Of course, clipping our own nails is usually safe, unless one is rushing.

The shape and design of these clippers prevents unwanted damage to your cat’s feet. Specially constructed to snip only the sharp tip, you will find yourself finishing up in no time. The first thing you will notice is the product’s compact size and ease of use. With a perfectly round cutting hole, you do not have to worry about either damaging your cat’s skin or botching their claws. Available at $16, these are both durable and dependable when it comes to clipping those sharp kitty claws. Its spring helps with efficacy, allowing you to finish all four paws in no time.

One of the only real details that could be considered a drawback is its price. These are the most expensive clippers on this list. But remember, with quality often times comes a higher price. Lastly, they are just big enough to fit a cat’s claw, so that are not great for small dogs or other slightly larger animals.

Best with Safety Guard

gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers – with Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting

by gonicc

If you must trim your cat’s nails, you may want to consider something with a safety guard to combat such issues. The best cat nail clippers with a safety guard is easily the Gonicc cat clippers.

These are high-quality and considerably affordable, coming in at around $10. With a sleek style and delightful design, the ergonomically designed clippers also feature non-slip handles for added safety. Also, with a safety stop blade, you can trust the tool and yourself to keep your cat safe. These are professional-grade and chosen by vets and groomers alike, so you know they are effective. If you find this set of nail clippers to be disappointing at all, Gonicc provides a lifetime warranty; it is a win-win.

They are a bit small, therefore, not ideal for those with larger hands.

What Really Matters?


If you have not already, you will notice throughout this guide that we mention size quite a bit. While many use cat nail clippers on other small animals as well, we’re going to focus on cats for this topic. Naturally, differently sized cats have various claw sizes, so no one nail clipper is going to universally work for all felines. From Maine Coons to dwarves, the array of sizes is similar to that of dogs, and you should purchase nail clippers accordingly. Too big and it can be dangerous. Too small and it will be ineffective.


If you are planning on cutting anything in general, it is going to need some strength behind it in order to work. We know this to be true about nail clippers as most of us clip our nails on a regular basis. Cat claws are much thicker, and therefore, require stronger tools. Search for stainless-steel or the like for dependable quality.


In order to avoid hurting your cat or sending them into a frenzy, a few aspects should be reviewed. Apart from safety stops, one of the more effective ways to both prevent harm and trim effectively as is needed, you want to find a pair of clippers with a specially designed non-slip grip.

What’s in Right Now?

As far as nail clippers for cats go, not much has changed in the time since they came about. Of course, there have been many tweaks and alterations throughout the years, making them safer for at-home care. With a growth in the anti-declawing community, many simply search for the most humane, ethically effective way to remove the sharp claw points. In the end, everyone is happier with clippers.



$3-$5 These are mainly your run-of-the-mill cat nail clippers without any bells and whistles. Sometimes, that’s all you need. Several of our selections in this price range are quite efficient  but are typically smaller in size.


$6-$12 Cat nail clippers available at this cost are usually all that a loving pet owner needs to care for the cats for the long-haul. Available in several sizes and designs, these often feature little bonuses and will work for all sorts of small animals.


$15-$20 Within this price range is where you will find top-notch cat nail clippers with added features and sleek designs. Beyond the appearance and design, many of these are also the strongest clippers, able to clip the nails of practically any small animal.


How do I know what size clippers I need?

Depending on the size of your cat, large or small clippers are needed accordingly. For instance, if you plan on clipping a kitten’s nails, very small, precise, and small circular clippers are ideal. If you buy clippers that are too large, it is quite easy to slip and cut more than you intended. Larger cats are served best with angular clippers.

Why is trimming better than declawing?

For years, having our house cats declawed seemed like an absolute must. After all, they are sharp and painful when deployed. For that reason, the act of declawing has always seemed like a harmless, yet beneficial measure. However, declawing cats actually can be painful, and it robs cats of a major defense mechanism and much of their freedom. By clipping nails instead of having them removed, you will protect not only you and your furniture, but your cat as well.

Can this be as effective as a trip to the groomer?

This task is intimidating. However, once you master a cooperative relationship between you and your cat, the results can be 100% satisfactory. This is especially true if you shop high-end nail clippers to be used routinely for some time to come.

How do I get my cat to cooperate?

Okay, so this one is a bit tricky. While cats are smart and loving, they do not submit the way dogs do. Therefore, the chances of them fighting you and your clippers goes way up. The best technique we can confidently recommend involves you wrapping your cat in a blanket for its calming and restraining benefits. Take one paw at a time, clip their nails, and move on to the next after switching out paws from in your furry blanket ball.

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