Best Cat Laser Toys Online - 2 Best Rotating Laser

Best Cat Laser Toys Online – #2 Best Rotating Laser

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Best Cat Laser Toys Online – #2 Best Rotating Laser

Are you looking for cat exercises that are both fun and can get your pet tired quickly? Felines are famous for chasing lasers since the moving red dot inspires their hunting instincts. That is why you can’t go wrong with these devices, but what is the best cat laser toy out there? We selected the top five kitty laser toys to make your choice easier. Our reviews will roundup their features, advantages, and drawbacks. While you are there, take a look at our shopping advisor to pick the most suitable one for your pet!

Best Choice

PetDroid Boltz Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy Automatic

by PetDroid

You don’t have to be nearby for cats to use this toy as they can activate it by triggering sensors. The sensors are very reliable, and you have multiple ways of placing the product on the wall.

PetDroid has been around for years, and their cat laser toys are an excellent way to keep your pet entertained. Thanks to the integrated sensor, the device will notice when the cat is nearby and activate automatically. Once five minutes pass, it will enter standby mode to ensure battery saving. The battery lasts for three hours of continuous use. The toy operates in slow or fast mode, and you can switch between them by pressing a button. You can place the device at the height of up to 80 inches, and the sensor will still work reliably. Use one of four methods, including adhesive tape, strings, screws, and suction cups to hang it high on the wall or other surfaces.

The battery life is short if you have a very active cat, and the toy takes three hours to charge. Also, it is difficult to serve multiple felines with a single device for the same reason. The laser only moves back and forth and could use more variety. You might be annoyed by the beeping at the beginning and the end of a playing cycle, but most cats don’t mind it.

Best Rotating Laser

Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy – Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer for Cool Cats

by Friends Forever

The laser toy designed by Friends Forever is light, which allows you to move it anywhere, including outdoors. The product is made in the USA and uses three AA batteries.

For a laser toy, it is important to conceal the pointer, and the manufacturer did a good job here. Your cat will have no clue where the laser is coming from, and there is no danger for their sight. Rotation is the crucial feature of the laser since it allows a 360-degree playing area for your pet. The toy is compact and easy to pack and take anywhere. The device offers three different speed adjustments, including fast, slow, and random. The automatic timer will deactivate the toy after 15 minutes of playing to avoid overexciting the cat.

It is not wise to keep the toy on the floor on low surfaces. That will limit the radius of the moving laser, and your pet could easily knock over the device since it is lightweight. The difference between the speeds is not easily noticeable. The product doesn’t come with batteries, and you have to buy them separately. Batteries do not last a long time, which is why you have a spare pack nearby.

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Best Design Laser Toy

Newest Cat Laser Toy,Upgraded Interactive Tumbler Laser Toys for Pet

by petnf

Petnf is a famous pet toy brand, and this two-in-one product is a versatile playing device. If the laser is not turned on, your cat can always use it as a tumbler.

The laser function of this toy is highly adjustable. You can pick between three different timer settings ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Additionally, you can choose from the default slow playtime mode, or medium, fast, and random adjustments. All these can work in two circling ranges, which you choose based on your kitten’s preferences. The battery life is up to ten hours when operating at slow speeds. If the laser is not active, the product becomes a classic tumbler toy to keep things more interesting for the kitten. The manufacturer acquired FDA approval, which means it is safe for pets and humans.

Energetic pets might knock over the toy, which puts the laser mechanism in danger. The product could use more variation, which is why some pets might lose interest in it quickly. The fast speed is extremely fast, and it might be hard for all cats to keep up, especially for a longer time. The device lacks remote control, and you can only adjust the settings on the item.

For Double Joy

petnf 2020 New Upgraded Cat Laser Toy

by petnf

Here is another combo toy for your pet, including both a laser and moving feathers. It can work up to twelve hours continuously and comes with a USB fast charging cable.

The most significant advantage of this toy is how long its battery lasts. Not only can it work for up to 12 hours continuously, but the USB cable also ensures fast charging. As for the device itself, the laser function is available in four modes. That includes slow, medium, fast, and random mode to keep your pet engaged. The silicone covers protect the light source so that your cat’s eyes aren’t harmed. The company even acquired a laser safety certification from the FDA. The toy also has a moving feather mode with four plastic feathers of various colors. You receive replacement feathers to keep the fun going once your pet destroys them!

Plastic feathers are not that durable. Although you get replacements, strong pets could destroy them all in weeks. The device is lightweight, and felines might knock it over while playing. If both features are active, the product gets fairly loud. Cats usually don’t mind, but the noise might disrupt you from focusing on your activities.

Best Price

M JJYPET Interactive Cat Toys,Rechargeable 3 in 1 Cat Red Dot Cat Kitten Dog Toy


This interactive laser fits in your pocket or small bag, and it is great to play wherever you are. Whenever your pet needs active playtime, you will be ready.

Portability is the most attractive feature of this toy. You can tie it to your keychain, or put in the backpack to take it with you when you head with the cat to the park. The laser can cast the dot for up to 100 feet. The switch is convenient since it keeps the laser active, and keeps you from holding the button pressed the entire session. The charging time is fast, and you can use any device with a USB port to charge it. The product also includes a mini flashlight equipped with a UV detector to identify bed bugs, pet stains, and urine!

The switch for controlling the device is not of the best quality, and it might get stuck sometimes. The product overall has a limited lifespan, which is a downside of the low price. The toy isn’t automatic, which means that you need to be around for the playing session. It is up to you to ensure that the laser doesn’t get directly in your pet’s eyes to avoid potential damage.

What Really Matters

You want to purchase a cat laser you, but you are unsure about a suitable model for you and your pet. These are the crucial factors to consider during the buying process.

Do You Have to Participate in a Playing Session?

The first thing to decide is whether you want to play with your cat. If the answer is yes, you can purchase a compact-sized laser that you control by moving your hands.
However, a major benefit of many cat laser toys is that they don’t require the owner to participate in playing sessions. These products either have activation buttons on the unit, or they are equipped with a sensor.
If the laser cat toy uses a sensor, it can recognize when your pet is nearby. The sensor activates the laser, and the playing session begins.
Automatic cat laser toys are capable of mixing things up by adjusting the speed and the path of the laser beam. That way, your pet stays engaged with the toy for a long time.

Does It Offer Adjustable Settings?

Cat laser toys can offer various settings in terms of session speed and duration.
The available speeds include:

Slow – these are suitable for aged or heavy cats that can’t move fast.
Medium – it is the standard working speed ideal for most adult felines.
Fast – this is the fastest adjustment great for pets who are incredibly active.
Random – the device will mix and match laser movement to offer variety to the playing session.

When it comes to the duration of a playing session, most laser toys have an automatic timer. It will put the device in the standby mode after 10-30 minutes, depending on the product. The owner decides whether to prolong the session, or that was enough playing time for the pet. Please note that only some laser toys have an adjustable timer, and most of them come with a single setting.

What Are the Battery Specifics of the Device?

When it comes to battery, consider battery life and time required for charging. Depending on the product and settings, the battery might last up to ten hours or more on a single charge. As for the charging time, it will usually take from 90 minutes to three or more hours for the device to charge completely.
In these cases, it is great if the toy has an alternative function. Many cat lasers these days also act as tumblers or feather toys. These can be very convenient if the laser battery runs out, or your cat gets tired of the laser.

What’s in Right Now?

Cat toys have evolved over the years, and this industry is welcoming new high-tech additions. Pet owners are looking for automatic features in laser toys, and they are the latest market trend.
The most popular tech feature is automatic laser activation and rotation. Some cat laser toys are equipped with a sensor. Those sensors detect the feline when it gets close, and that activates the red moving dot.
That feature is very convenient because it doesn’t require the owner to be around. Whenever the cat feels like playing, all that they need to do is learn where the playing area is.


The perfect cat laser toy will also fit your budget. The cost of these devices varies from $5 to $35 or more.
Let’s take a look at the main pricing ranges for feline laser toys:


If you are on a budget, you can buy a laser toy for under $10. These devices are rarely automatic or long-lasting, but they can still be a fun way of keeping your pet active,


The price of these cat laser toys goes from $10 to $25. For the price, you should get a durable product that offers multiple laser toy modes to add extra playing options for your pet.


If you are ready to pay over $25, you can buy an expensive cat laser toy. Leave your pet at home to play with these automatic devices. You can also choose combo products with other functions apart from the moving red dot.


How long does the battery last on a cat laser toy?

That will depend on the product you choose. On a full charge, the battery can last anywhere from two to 12 hours of continuous use.

How to activate a cat laser toy?

Most toys have control buttons on the front of the unit. You use these buttons to adjust the desired settings and activate the unit.

Why cat laser toys come with a timer?

The reason why these toys have a timer is to prevent your cat from overplaying. Apart from getting too exhausted, these timers also keep the device interesting to your pet for longer.

Can a pet laser toy hurt my cat’s eyes?

Most manufacturers use silicon covers or other methods to block the light source. That way, your pet’s eyes are safe. If you use a manual laser toy, you need to make sure to keep the laser beam out of your feline’s eyes.

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