The Best Cat Grasses Online - 4 Best Indoor Cat Grass

The Best Cat Grasses Online – #4 Best Indoor Cat Grass

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The Best Cat Grasses Online – #4 Best Indoor Cat Grass

Green plants don’t form an essential part of cats’ diet but are an integral part of it all the same. Our feline companions often seek out and consume the fauna on the regular. The introduction of fiber aids digestion, and even with a balanced, this addition is necessary. If a pet parent notices a tendency to seek out and eat greens, there is a need for more vitamins and nutrients. Despite a mostly carnivorous diet, cats need grass and supplements. Just like every other animal, cats also ingest things that upset the stomach. Such material may bring about allergies or be indigestible. Induced vomiting helps rid the system of any foreign matter that doesn’t sit well with it, as well as any ingested toxins.

In severe cases, however, you should immediately get your fur baby to the vet for proper treatment. Vomiting more than thrice in a day warrants a visit to the vet, as frequent instances indicate the ingestion of something toxic. Grooming consumes up to 60% of your cat’s day. All that licking results in the ingestion of fur and the formation of fur balls. Sufficient fiber in the system facilitates the expelling of this foreign matter. With enough cat grass, furballs may not form. It is essential to note that there are suitable and unsuitable plants for our feline friends. A prime example is toxic lilies..

Best Choice

Non-GMO, Thunder Acres Premium Wheat Seed

by Thunder Acres

The Thunder Acres Premium Wheat Seed gives the customer a one-pound bag of seeds that contain no genetically modified organisms, allowing for the organic growth of the plant.

The product comes with a one-pound container of wheat seeds. This is an adequate supply of the wheatgrass seed to cover a relatively large area of soil. The product is also available in larger containers. In addition to the one-pound container, the customer can select a size up to 25 pounds in a single bag. The seeds provided with the purchase of this product was grown locally in Kansas. The company behind these seeds guarantees an almost 100% germination rate.

The purchase of seeds on the internet can be a difficult process – when these wheatgrass seeds are damaged in transit, the germination rate would be much lower than the 100% the company claims to offer. Some people may also prefer a smaller bag of seed if they do not want to cover a large area of soil – but the minimum size offered by Thunder Acres is a one-pound bag of wheat seed.

Best Cat Grass Seed

Organic Wheat Grass Seeds, Cat Grass Seeds, 16 Ounces- 100% Organic Non GMO

by Rose and Branch

Rose and Branch Organic Wheatgrass seeds are an excellent choice and easily stand out. This product comes with a guarantee to grow and is ideal for not only cats but dogs and reptiles as well.

The organic wheatgrass seeds are a fantastic juicing option. Users love how fast the grass grows. Even for first-time users, the process is simple and straightforward. There’s no need to soak the seeds. Under the right conditions, the seeds sprout very well. The grass thrives well and is of good quality, reaching a maximum height of about five inches.

Organic wheatgrass seeds don’t come with a planter, and that necessitates a separate purchase. Some animals might reject the grass, although this is probably a matter of preference.

Best Non-GMO

Non-GMO, Thunder Acres Premium Wheat Seed, Cat Grass Seed, Wheatgrass, Hard Red Winter Wheat (2 lbs.)

by Thunder Acres

The Non-GMO Thunder Acres Premium Wheat Seed wins in this category. These seeds come in 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, and 25lb packages.

Purchases for this product don’t have the inconvenience of dealing with intermediaries as the parent company sells it directly through Amazon. This seamless setup significantly reduces the chances of getting inferior quality products or unsatisfactory service. Pet parents can make purchases for seed amounts ranging from one to 25lbs, which suits both short-term and long-term plans. The seeds are irradiated and non-GMO, which makes them a safe and healthy option. Resealable bags are an inspired idea, one that makes planting and storing very convenient.

Some animals vomit after consuming wheatgrass, and the one grown from these seeds is no different. In some cases, the seeds fail to sprout as expected. There are isolated reports of the packages containing moldy seeds.

Best Indoor Cat Grass

Todd’s Seeds, Wheatgrass Seeds, One Pound

by Todd’s Seeds

There are various varieties of grass in the market today. Some are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor planting.

Even without sunlight, the seeds still sprout. This capability makes the seeds particularly suited for indoors where there’s limited light. Planting is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much skill or prior knowledge. The hard red wheat is rich in fats – lipids, minerals, and vitamins. There are no chemicals in the seeds, making them a safe option for your pet.

There are no instructions on the box, so it’s pretty touch-and-go for people who haven’t done something similar before. Some users take issue with the packaging. Sometimes, despite the thorough lab testing and quality control measures, you might still get a batch that doesn’t germinate well.

Best Cat Grass Planter

Seed Sprouter Tray BPA Free PP Soil-Free Big Capacity Healthy Wheatgrass Grower with Lid Sprouting Kit

by LeJoy Garden

For best results, when planting your cat grass, you need a suitable planter. Among those available in the market, the best kit is the Seed Sprouter Tray.

The floor mesh has small holes that readily hold the seeds for germination. Larger openings would see the seeds fall through. All along the sides is a grid that allows sufficient ventilation and prevents the rotting of plant roots. Adequate air circulation also ensures that mold, which is a common problem when growing wheatgrass, doesn’t develop. The planter works very well, even in poorly lit areas.

Small-sized seeds fall through the mesh. A variation of the item with a finer mesh would work best for such. Some users complain of mold, specifically brought about by the water enclosed in the container.


Prices play a crucial role in every purchase. Thankfully, cat grass is a pocket-friendly investment. These are the prices for the items reviewed above.
Organic Cat Grass Growing kit – $15.97
Organic Wheat Grass Seeds – $10.97
Non-GMO, Thunder Acres Premium Wheat Seed (2lbs) – $12.99
Todd’s Seeds – $9.75
Seed Sprouter Tray – $12.99

Going by these prices, the investment in cat grass is well worth it considering the benefits such a supplement brings to your feline friend. Remember to consider the lighting conditions before making a purchase.


What is cat grass?

There are several variations of seeds that produce cat grass. Popular types include wheat, rye, barley, and oats. This vital supplement to your cat’s diet is not one specific seed, but different types.

Which seeds should I buy?

Considering the range of seeds in the market, making a pick might prove a tricky proposition. Go for organic and GMO-free variations. This choice of seeds ensures a degree of safety for your pet as there are no chemicals or unwanted toxins in the package.

Is cat grass a mandatory addition?

Cats nibble on pretty much anything. House plants, for instance, may contain harmful toxins and other chemicals. With cat grass, you get an addition that is not only safe but healthy. Think of it as adding some balance to an existing healthy diet.

Cat grass is rich in vitamins and minerals, with the fiber component aiding digestion. Grass avoids the occurrence of fur balls in your cat’s stomach — the fauna as a natural laxative to expel any that form. There is folic acid in the grass, which ensures a healthy blood system.

Is there a recommended amount of grass for my cat?

There is no specific amount recommended for planting. However, planting a handful of seeds each time is enough for one cat. For several felines, you’ll need to plant relatively more. The amount grown depends on the sprouting success rate and the number of animals in the equation.

Is my pet going to eat or turn down the grass?

It is important to note that not all cats eat grass. Some, out of personal preference, may snub the greenery. If your cat is a picky eater, start with a small amount of green and observe her reaction. Hopefully, she takes to this healthy option without a fuss and nibbles away.

How safe is cat grass?

Very safe, especially the organic and GMO-free types. Just like humans, animals are sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. Also, ensure that the house is free of other potentially harmful plants that your cat may eat. Whichever way, remain on the lookout for symptoms that may warrant a visit to the vet.

Where can I get a cat grass kit?

Due to increased popularity, seeds, containers, and sprouting kits are readily available. You can find suppliers online, at the vet’s, or your local pet store. Take time and understand what each item or package offers and the ideal growing conditions, then make an informed choice.

More Than Just a Supplement

Pet parents go the extra mile for their fur babies. However, many people stop at the essentials and forget the other side of a healthy diet that comes from cat grass. Thankfully, cat grass is fast becoming a popular addition, one that ensures happier and more comfortable animals. With increased popularity comes a broader range of products, each bearing different characteristics. The availability of a wide range of items in the market makes it easier to find a tailor-made solution for your pet.

Note that despite the production of tested seeds and growing kits, understanding the growing process is very important. Failure to grasp specific steps may result in poor results, with seeds not germinating or appearing as healthy as advertised. When planting, ensure enough ventilation as leaving water enclosed in a container for extended periods brings mold. Routinely change the water in your sprouter and provide air circulation to avoid the rotting of roots. When using a mesh, check the size of the openings and make a comparison with the seeds. Small seeds and large openings simply don’t work, and they’ll fall right through.

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