Best Cat Foods for Burmese Cats [ 2021 ]

Burmese cats have more to them than just their vanquish looks. Burmese translates to beautiful and splendid in Thai language and this breed has lived up to its expectation. When it comes to size, these felines appear gigantic as compared to other breeds. Burmese cats may appear to be small and sleek, yet their stature is deceiving. They have a powerful and compact frame, making them appear heavier than they are.

Your Burmese cat may be sedentary or hyperactive, but cats who end up living indoors don’t get nearly as much physical activity as cats who live outdoors. Owing to this, they are at danger of becoming severely obese. Proper diet is the only way through which all this can be avoided. Here are some of the best cat foods for you to try:

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Wellness CORE Signature Selects Chicken & Chicken Liver Entree Canned Cat Food

Wellness CORE Signature Selects Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Shredded Chicken & Chicken Liver in Sauce, 5.3 Ounces (Pack of 12)

This brand offers a protein-rich diet at an affordable price. It has a thick and rich texture and replicates the taste of real meat. This food is specifically formulated for your carnivore cat with its protein requirements in mind. 

The chopped chicken chunks also help the cat stay lean and develop strong muscles and increased endurance. 

The main ingredients of this food are chicken broth, boneless chicken, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, and chicken liver. It is also filled with taurine for easy digestion. 

This canned food by Wellness Core will help your cat get stronger bone joints and a robust immune system fully protected by antioxidants. 

This high-quality cat food also comes without fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, and grains.

Instinct Ultimate Protein Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food

Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Cage Free Chicken Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food by Nature's Variety, 1.8 lb. Bag

This kitten chow comes coated with a freeze-dried layer of raw chicken for lip-smacking taste and great nutritional quality. This densely textured food base churns out about 60% of protein per serving. 

Vitamin supplementation is one of the core strengths of this product. High antioxidant and probiotic concentration benefits the immune system and catalyzes the digestion process. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids make your cat’s coat appear shiny and thick. 

Nom Nom chicken chow meow cat food

Some signature ingredients of this high-quality cat food are Chicken liver, carrots, chicken, vinegar, Vitamin A, spinach, taurine, zinc, vitamin B6, and natural flavor. 

This food has 18% crude protein which guarantees rapid muscle growth. It is devoid of all GMOs, preservatives and chemical components. Nom nom also provides measurable pouches which facilitate easy feeding. This food is apt for cats of all ages. 

Smalls fresh cat food

This is food which will not break the bank and will just cost you 2-3.5$ per day. Filled with human-grade ingredients, Smalls Fresh cat food provides protein from turkey, chicken, and fish. 

This low-carb food can be fed at all stages and also comes with a feeding guide as per your cat’s caloric requirements. You get 16-ounce packets of food when you order it. Food is also marked with 50 calorie increments on top of the packaging. 

Before feeding this package for the first time, thaw the package once overnight as it is delivered frozen. Chicken thigh, breast, and liver give this food the much-needed mineral rush in order to match your cat’s metabolism. 

Stella & Chewy’s Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food, 18 oz. Bag

Primary ingredients: Chicken, chicken gizzard, pumpkin seed, chicken liver, and taurine. This raw food by Stella& Chewy’s can be easily fed to your cat in the form of dry kibbles. These chunks are made up of 98% authentic poultry meat, bones, and organs. They have a shelf life of over 36 hours if kept open. 

You can also serve them by soaking them in water. Cats are often dehydrated due to being lazy drinkers. This food solves that problem for you. 

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Chicken Lentils & Salmon Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Premium Dry Cat Food, Chicken With Lentils & Salmon Recipe, 14 Lbs (1826690300)

This fresh food is formed via the amalgamation of various superfoods such as brewer’s rice, poultry fat, cranberries, and pumpkins. It has meat sources like lentils, salmon, and chicken which allow your cats to stay lean and healthy. 

It also improves hairball movement and helps in faster digestion. Various fatty acids contained in this food provide nourishment to your cat’s soft skin. 

Wet Vs. Dry Food for Burmese Cats

Wet food has obvious advantages when it comes to likability by a pet. Wet food also provides increased hydration and keeps your cat away from kidney issues. The broth present in the wet food also makes it tasty and more appealing to cats. 

But on the money front, dry food will cost you less than wet food and also has an improved shelf life. If you happen to leave your cat alone at home a lot then you can’t risk leaving out wet food for your pet behind as it can easily get stingy after 7-8 hours. 

To boost your cat’s likeability of dry kibble, you can add a quarter cup of warm water to it before feeding. This will allow the chunks to soak water and become easily chewable. 


Burmese cats are quite high maintenance and picky. Transitioning to a new food might not be the easiest thing to do with this breed. To make the process simpler, start mixing the new food sample in a 1:3 ratio at the beginning. Then, increase the concentration slowly over time and watch your cat get used to this food right before your eyes. These were some of the top foods in the market, however, if you are choosing a local brand due to financial reasons, we suggest not to do so. A good quality cat kibble will save you the expense of medical bills in the long run. We hope you found this list insightful. Happy petting! 

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