The Best Cat Brushes Online - 5 Best for Long Hair

The Best Cat Brushes Online – #5 Best for Long Hair

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The Best Cat Brushes Online – #5 Best for Long Hair

Brushing your cat should be something you do regularly. Unfortunately, many pet owners overlook the important role that this task plays. With the best cat brush in hand, you can avoid getting your cat’s hair matted and tangled. There are several other benefits that come with regularly brushing your cat. Don’t comb your cat’s hair with just any brush. There are different types of cat hair brushes, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. We’ve curated a list that references five of the best cat brushes on the market. Don’t forget to consult our buyer’s guide to be sure that you don’t miss out on any tips before picking the best cat brush for you.

Best Choice

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

by Hertzko

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush offers a two-in-one system that allows you to brush through the undercoat of your cat while smoothing the outer layer of fur.

The Hertzko brush features a self-cleaning system that makes it easier to maintain in comparison to your average cat brush. The brush tips comb through both layers of hair on your cat to detangle hair and rid your pet’s coat of shed hair. The brush’s anti-slip grip and thumb rest give you better security and ultimate control over the brush.

This particular brush is a little pricier that some of the other available options on the market. The brush’s fine bristles may not be effective for cats with serious problems related to tangled and matted hair.

Gentlest Cat Brush

Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools

by Hartz

If you are on a tight budget, then the Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools brush is a great option to consider. The product has a low price tag, but still offers great quality.

The tool is perfect for smaller cats with short or medium hair. This quality brush comes at an affordable price. The product features safety tips on each bristle to ensure that your pet isn’t pricked while they’re being groomed. Regular grooming with the Hartz Grooming brush distributes natural oils and promotes a healthy fur coat.

This is not an ideal option for cats with longer hair, as the bristles of the brush would not be able to penetrate the cat’s undercoat.

Easiest to Clean

Hesiry Cat Brush Pet Soft Brush for Shedding Removes Loose Undercoat

by Hesiry

The Hesiry Cat Brush is a high-quality cat brush at a relatively affordable price tag. Select between two colors: pink or blue.

This is a soft brush that will not cause damage or irritation to your cat’s skin. The safety tip bristles also reduce the risk of pulling on your cat’s hair. The product comes in two color varieties. This product is two in one. It primarily acts as a brush to help detangle your cat’s hair, but it also simultaneously massages their skin to reduce shedding and improve blood circulation.

The soft bristles may not be appropriate for long-haired cats.

Most Practical Cat Brush

HATELI Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cat & Dog Grooming Brushes for Shedding


The HATELI Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is appropriate for any cat, including those with longer hair. The brush has an anti-slip grip system that is made from rubber.

This brush features a high-quality design. The product is also ideal for long- and short-haired cats. You can use this to brush your cat, and it doubles as a deshedding tool. There are two colors to choose from.

The bristles are relatively hard, which means it could irritate your cat’s skin if you press too hard with the brush.

Best for Long Hair

Pet Grooming Tool – 2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Cats & Dogs

by Pat Your Pet

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool is an undercoat rake that features two sides for a more effective way to brush your long-haired cat.

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool features a two-sided rake design for a better way to reduce shedding. The product also features a comfortable grip, which makes it easier to hold on to the brush at all times. The quality is also superior to many alternatives on the market due to the rake’s premium-grade materials that comprise its construction.

The price of Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool is higher than most other options on the market. This may be less appropriate for someone who is shopping for a detangling tool or perhaps a grooming brush on a budget.

What Really Matters?


You want the best for your cat, and you do not want to harm your pet’s coat, which is why the quality of your cat brush might be your top priority. While many of these products flood the market, the quality varies greatly. On the other hand, only brushes that are made with high-quality materials and able to detangle your cat’s hair efficiently. Then, there are several options that could actually pull on your cat’s hair and hurt them.
To determine the brush’s quality, take a closer look at the product’s reviews.
It will also give you a view of the overall quality of the brush. Avoid brushes that have overwhelmingly negative ratings. This is the easiest way to sort the rubbish out of the marketplace.


Another factor that you need to take into consideration is the brush’s design; some designs are easier to use than others. Consider two factors regarding the brush’s design.
The first is the actual comfort of the brush. Since you will be using the product frequently, you want to ensure that it has a good grip system on its handle.
Secondly, consider the design of the brush tips. Not all brushes are created with all cats in mind. Those with longer hair need specifically crafted bristles to cater to the length.


The pricing of the best cat brush that you want to buy should be another factor to consider. Prices for these products do vary somewhat. There are cheap options that can do a basic job, and then there are the higher quality options with sturdier construction.

What’s in Right Now?

A lot of cat brushes are available on the market, but many of them do not deliver the expected function. At the moment, there is a trend toward dematting combs–particularly those that feature a two-sided system.
These combs use special teeth to provide two functions in a single product. The comb is able to help brush the upper layer of cat hair. Additionally, the product also acts as an undercoat rake.
These brushes also remove tangles and mats that might have formed in your cat’s coat. Future mats and tangles may also be avoided when these combs are regularly used.



$15 to $20 – Higher quality options fall within this budget range and usually offer a sturdier construction. Many of these products come with unique brush tips to help promote circulation while getting rid of tangles.


$10 – $15 – Mid-range products usually come with everything you need to brush your cat without the more advanced brush tip systems that can be found in the more expensive market options.


$5 – $10 – The cheapest options on the market fall within this price bracket; they offer a basic brush that will keep your cat tangle-free.


Is it good to brush your cat’s fur?

Brushing is actually an important part of maintaining your cat’s health. At a surface level, brushing helps to keep your cat’s coat looking smooth and healthy. It also reduces matting and tangling.
There are other benefits to brushing. Taking the time to brush your cat also provides you with an opportunity to get a closer look at their skin and fur. This helps you identify possible problems that could be affecting them, including the presence of ticks and fleas.

What kind of brush is best for cats?

There are a few different types of brushes that you can get for your cat. Slicker brushes are most popular and tend to be ideal for long-haired cats. Even medium-haired cats can benefit from a slicker brush.
Matbreaker brushes are good for cats with mats and tangles in their coat. There are also some dual-sided brushes that offer multiple purposes in a single product.

What is the best cat deshedding tool?

When your cat sheds, there may be hair all over the house. The use of a deshedding tool is the best way to reduce the amount of hair that will be shed throughout your house.
Deshedding brushes and tools are usually readily available, and they tend to have a long and slender design to them. The long design helps to remove excess hair that is on your cat’s coat. Make sure to move slowly with these. They may also be helpful in reducing tangles and matting of your cat’s hair, but when you are not careful, you could end up pulling on your cat’s fur instead.

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