The Best Cat Beds Online - 5 Best Design Overall

The Best Cat Beds Online – #5 Best Design Overall

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The Best Cat Beds Online – #5 Best Design Overall

Deprive them of a bed, and cats will make themselves at home in some awkward places. Your laundry basket, an empty box, even the kitchen table are all up for grabs if your cat doesn’t have a cozy spot to call their own. Shopping for a cat bed might seem straightforward, but your kitty could turn their nose up at a bed that isn’t quite right. Design, materials, and overall comfort are things to weigh carefully before purchasing a bed for your beloved pet. Here are some of our favorites.


MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large)

If your cat loves secluded places, the MEOWFIA Premium Cat Cave is an ideal match. Merino wool and a pod-like structure give your cat a warm bedroom all to themselves.

This eco-friendly bed has no synthetic fibers. The durable wool material naturally repels dirt and odor and is easy to clean. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. Since it’s handmade, each one is unique. Kittens and cats alike will enjoy burrowing in the Cat Cave. The structure is flexible, and some cats will prefer sleeping on top of it rather than inside. It can be easily flattened out if your cat decides to rest on top of it.

Some cats don’t like enclosed spaces to sleep. If your cat enjoys flat surfaces, blankets, or pillows, they might prefer a bed that doesn’t encase them. The wool materials could tempt cats that like to chew or shred things.


FrontPet Cat and Dog Hammock – Luxury Lounger Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

This hammock doesn’t require tethering anything to your walls. The FrontPet Cat Hammock Bed is a freestanding hammock which comes with a sturdy base, capable of supporting the largest of cats.

This cat bed features an exciting design and is very easy to assemble. Even an obese cat will be supported with ease. The sturdy yet comfortable plush hammock allows cats to stretch out or curl up as they sleep. Soft, fluffy fabric mimics bedding materials that cats like to snuggle up in. This hammock includes some on-board entertainment in the form of a feather toy attached to the base.

Cats must be comfortable with the concept of a hammock, and it can take some getting used to if they’re used to harder surfaces. Since the hammock will move beneath them, they might be nervous about using it at first. Some cats will not be able to relax for this reason.


pidan Cat Beds for Indoor Cats Hammock Bed Wooden

The Pidan Cat Hammock bed is a comfy and straightforward option for small spaces. The wooden supports add a stylish touch to any room, functioning as an alluring resting spot for cats of all sizes.

We loved how easy this cat bed was to set up. The fabric hammock component can be spot-cleaned, or machine washed, which is wonderful news for fluffy cat owners. The hammock is lightweight and compact. It can, however, handle heavier cats or even multiple pets that like to sleep together. The stitching and material are highly durable while still being soft enough to attract cats.

The nature of the fabric and supports might encourage your cat to start scratching. Since the hammock is a thin, smooth material, additional covers might be needed if your cat likes to have snuggly bedding while they sleep.


Pet Craft Supply Round Cat Bed

Pet Craft Supply Round Beds are ideal for cats who need a little extra warmth. If you live in a colder climate, your cat will appreciate riding out frigid temperatures in this insulated bed.

This gorgeous cat bed has warm, plush material that is pet-safe and washable. Its high, sturdy walls give an added layer of security and warmth. A sense of safety and privacy will attract cats to this bed, especially when they’re looking for a warm place to sleep. The design is ideal for cats who like to curl up while they sleep. Compact and light, this round bed can easily fit into the nooks and crannies that your cat likes to hide in while they rest.

The structure of this bed can make it difficult for larger cats to get comfortable. It also might not be ideal if you have multiple cats who tend to sleep in the same spot. Since it has an open design, cats who like to burrow might not be interested in this bed.


Pidan Woodencat Beds for Indoor Cats Fabrics Pillow Removable Wood Wax Surface Treatment

The unique helix or square designs of the Pidan Woodencat Beds are a charming addition to household decor. At the same time, they function as a comfortable sleeping spot for both cats and kittens.

The overall look of this bed is reminiscent of Scandinavian design. The cat bed functions as decor, in addition to a soft bed for your cat. The cushion is removable from the linden wood base, and the fabric itself can be removed from the cushion. This type of fabric makes washing the material a breeze, even for the messiest of cats. If you have a cat who likes to curl up in a ball, the helix style bed will invite them right in.

We found that the wood materials required a little bit of maintenance. It is also not recommended to place the bed directly in the sun or in humid environments, as doing so can decrease the quality and longevity of the wood.

What Really Matters

A cat bed to suit your cat

You may have already noticed this, but all cats have unique personalities. For that reason, their food, sleep and play preferences will vary. Studying what your cat does in their natural habitat will help you decide which bed is your best bet for satisfying your cat’s needs. Does your cat usually go for secluded places, or are they happy sprawling out on the couch? Do they nest in fluffy blankets, or do they like smoother surfaces? Answer these questions before you buy, and you have a better chance of selecting a bed that will be an instant hit with your cat. They spend a lot of time sleeping, so you’ll want to find something they’ll get good use out of.

Does Your Cat Have Claws?

If your cat has their claws, they will undoubtedly enjoy using them to ruin your furniture. A cat bed can double up as a scratching post, which you may find convenient if you think your sofa needs a break. However, keep this in mind if you have the kind of cat bed you don’t want to be destroyed. Smoothe wooden cat beds can easily fall prey to your cat’s claws if you’re not careful. For cats who like to scratch and shred, simpler beds are often the safer option. And to keep them happy, a nearby scratching post will allow them to exercise their claws after a long snooze.

Consider the Climate

Cats who live in cold climates will want something warm, insulated, and comfy to ride out the bitter chill. On the other hand, if you reside in a hot or humid region, your cat might prefer to have something that doesn’t hold too much of their body heat as they sleep. If a cat feels too warm or too cold in their bed, they will seek out a more suitable sleeping spot. Enclosed, cushy beds are perfect for chillier weather, while hammocks can help keep a cat cool in the heat. Plushy materials are also better to beat the cold. Thinner fabrics won’t retain as much heat.

What’s In Right Now?

Many pet parents are looking for beds that accent the decor in their homes. A cat bed can be functional and cozy for your cat without being an eyesore. You’ll find many cat beds that fit in with your style and tastes. Wood accents, pleasing colors, and contemporary designs are kept in mind when it comes to pet beds. Being eco-friendly and animal-safe is also in front of many pet parents’ minds. Materials that are natural, non-toxic, and renewable are becoming popular for earth-conscious individuals. They’re better for your pet, you, and the planet. The best part is that being environmentally friendly in no way makes your pet’s bed any less comfortable for them. And if they do happen to chew on it? You won’t have to worry about any chemicals that could make them sick. In a time when more people view pets as their four-legged babies, many bed manufacturers are making it easy to consider your cat’s wellbeing when selecting a bed.



$60-$100. Cat beds that double up as designer furniture often come with a higher price tag. The materials are among the most durable, and these beds will last a good while.


$40-60. These beds are the sweet spot between affordable and stylish. They’re sturdy, but don’t include as many luxury elements.


$30-40. The least expensive beds will have less high-quality materials. But they will still last with proper care and will even serve their purpose as a comfy bed for your cat.


Which beds are best for kittens?

It’s a fact of life – kittens can be messy. They can have accidents while they’re still in the process of being litter trained, and accidents can make things smelly. A bed that can be easily washed is the best option for kittens. A big plus is removable elements that can be put in the washing machine. Kittens also tend to curl up together as they sleep, so if you have more than one kitten, they’ll probably appreciate a bed that allows them to sleep together. Fluffy and warm fabrics will also be a big hit for kittens and younger cats.

I have multiple cats – do they each need their own bed?

If you have cats that get along together, great! They might seek out spaces that are large enough to accommodate them all. But sometimes even the best of pals can need some privacy and will refuse to share sleeping arrangements. Giving them an option to have their own bed is often the wise choice. And if you have cats that don’t cohabitate peacefully? You’ll need to provide separate sleeping spaces for each of them. Cats can become quite aggressive and territorial. If one cat claims a bed as their own, then buying a second one is the best way to keep the peace.

What are the benefits of hammock beds?

Hammock-style beds are an excellent choice for warmer environments. They provide more airflow and comfort for cats who don’t need any extra warmth. But if you do need a bed to keep your cat warm, it’s easy to add extra pads or blankets to a hammock bed. They also work well to cradle and contour your cat while they rest, which is often an alluring factor. The flexible surface is perfect for many cats who find it hard to get comfortable on flat, rigid areas. Cats that don’t like being on the floor, but prefer to sleep in an elevated place, will enjoy a hammock.

Why are eco-beds so popular?

Any bed that uses natural materials and avoids synthetic fibers or plastics is a great choice for the environmentally-conscious. Sustainable materials are functional and durable while being safer for everyone in the household – and better for the planet in general. Plus, some cats prefer natural fabrics over synthetics. If you have a picky cat when it comes to sleeping accommodations, something made from wool or cotton might do the trick.

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