What Should I Feed My Cat If It Has Digestion Issues?

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You must keep in mind that all cats are different. No two cats have similar appetites, growth, or habits.We are here to talk about cats with digestive issues and the best foods to feed them. 

As pet owners, it’s important to check everything before giving it to the cat. Canned food seems to cause many digestion issues; you must check the contents and the quality before buying or feeding your cat. 

Cats with sensitive stomachs have it bad. You need to closely look at what they eat to avoid complicated digestion issues.If you scrolled through the pet’s food shopping site, you probably saw many food products for digestion and sensitive stomachs. Now, if you are in a fix on what product to get, you’ve come to the right place. 

We hope that by the time you get to the end of this review, you’ll know just what to buy for your cat.

Product Summary 

Cat Foods for Digestion IssueKey Benefits
1. Hill’s Science Diet – Sensitive Stomach and SkinGentle and highly digestible Improves skin and coat
2. IAMS Proactive Health – Sensitive Digestion and SkinEnables strong muscles A unique blend of prebiotics and beet pulp
3. Royal Canin Digestive Sensitive100% complete and balanced nutrition highly palatable food
4. ZiwiPeak Mackerel and Lamb Recipe 92% fresh meat 100% sourced from an ethical farm. High-level protein and moisture
5. AvoDerm Natural Tuna and Crab EntreeHigh animal-sourced protein ideal for cats of all ages 

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1. Hill’s Science Diet – Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Chicken & Rice Recipe, 15.5 Lb Bag

The Sensitive Stomach and Skin diet focuses on two major health issues of the cat. Cats with sensitive stomachs suffer a lot when they eat something that doesn’t sit right in their stomach. It could irritate and lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

Indigestion is a common problem for cats. This is because many cats have sensitive stomachs, and it is necessary to keep a check on every food they take constantly.

A healthy stomach leads to healthy digestion. And how to have a healthy stomach? Your cat can shift to a healthier and lighter diet that’s gentle on the stomach. In addition, eating quality food could be very helpful.

Hill’s Science Diet works right away to solve the digestion issue. The chicken and rice recipe consists of prebiotic fiber that generates beneficial gut bacteria. When the stomach has balanced microbes, digestion gets easier. 

This is a dry food recipe that also allows the stomach to absorb the necessary nutrients.If you have an adult cat that is over one year old, you can get this product.

2. IAMS Proactive Health – Sensitive Digestion and Skin

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Sensitive Digestion & Skin Dry Cat Food with Real Turkey Cat Kibble, 13 lb. Bag

IAMS Proactive Health is a dry cat food created to enable better digestion in cats, and it also helps improve skin conditions. Along with that, IAMS provides a balanced diet for the cat. This cat food is made of ingredients that are safe and gentle for sensitive stomachs. It doesn’t contain soy or wheat, which means it’s easy to digest.

The primary ingredient is turkey which gives your cat the necessary protein and energy it requires. It gives the cat strong muscles. In addition to the protein factor, other elements that balance the diet are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These two elements improve the skin texture and fur coat of the cat.

There’s a unique blend of fiber that is prebiotics and root pulp responsible for healthy digestion. The ingredients are all real and are naturally balanced. Therefore, you need not worry about any preservatives or additives.

And this food is ideal for all cats, with no age or size restrictions.

3. Royal Canin Digestive Sensitive 

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food, 3 Ounce Can (Pack of 24)

Royal Canin has food of various forms and types. The Digestive Sensitive is wet food. Wet food contains a rich balance in nutrition. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are blended well to give your cat the health that lasts for long. With quality nutrition, your cat grows up healthily, avoiding most health issues.

When it comes to digestion, this food is easy to digest. It comes as thin slices in gravy that are good for the cat’s stomach. It’s easy to consume, and your cat will gain moderate calories.

Even if your cat is a picky eater, it will never say no to Royal Canin’s chunks in gravy because the cats find the flavor delicious.  

You can get this product for your cat if it requires balanced nutrition and easy digestion. This food also reduces stool odors. So, if that’s another issue you face with the cat, Royal Canin is the right choice. With a wide range of products, it has proved its quality and worth, so you don’t need to hesitate before buying this food. It’s completely safe and effective.

4. ZiwiPeak Mackerel and Lamb Recipe

Ziwipeak Zpccm0185C-Us Cat Mackerel Lamb Pet Food, 6.5 Oz

If you are trying to find something that is rich and farm-based, we got Ziwi for you! It gives your cat the pure flavors of New Zealand. 

The main aim of Ziwi is to provide the cats with meat that is pure and nutrient-dense. Though it’s known to be simple, farm meat is of the highest quality. It contains heavy amounts of nutrition. This recipe also includes the special New Zealand green-lipped mussels added for more natural elements and flavors.

Ziwi’s product is 92% fresh meat and organs, and New Zealand’s green mussels carry out the rest. All protein and moisture food are great for the cats’ health and stomach. It helps digestion, even for cats with sensitive stomachs, as all the ingredients are natural and have no additives.

Ziwi allows your cat to have balanced nutrition while it soothes their digestive system. Even the picky eater would enjoy eating this food as it’s made of rich natural ingredients.

5. AvoDerm Natural Tuna and Crab Entree

AvoDerm Natural Grain Free Tuna & Crab Entree in Gravy Canned Wet Cat Food, 3-Ounce Cans, (Case of 24)

We have another rich nutrient cat food which is AvoDerm. It consists of Tuna and tuna broth that already represents a lot of protein. Added to this, we also have crab and avocados. When we said rich nutrient food, we were not joking.

With a great number of vitamins, antioxidants, omegas, and phytonutrients, this food helps improve skin and coat conditions. Avocado and sunflower oil are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The food provides a balanced diet that satisfies the cat’s health. With great seafood protein, the cat gets all the nutrients it also enjoys.

The food gives good hydration that influences better digestion and health of the cat. The food doesn’t have any additives, and it’s perfect for cats with digestive issues or sensitive stomachs. 

What to Look For Before Buying Food for Cats With Digestive Issues?

Always look for quality food. rice and flavors should come next.

Here’s what you must look for

1. Prebiotics and Enzymes 

These influence good intestine health. If you find your pet suffering from diarrhea, constipation, or smelly stools, that means there’s a digestion issue. These elements can help restore the intestinal bacteria that will get back to work and mend the digestive system.

2. Vitamins and Minerals 

Make sure that the food you choose contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. These elements are required for a healthy cat.

3. Moisture 

Finding food that has good moisture is essential. Most cats suffer from digestion issues because there’s not enough water in their stomach. By feeding foods that contain moisture, you don’t have to worry even if your cat doesn’t drink enough water.  

Always go for wet foods if your cats don’t drink enough water.

4. Fiber 

Fiber helps in generating bacteria that will work on digestion. But remember that too much fiber could be dangerous. 

It could lead to diarrhea. Go for a low amount of fiber. 

Ingredients to avoid are grains and gluten products


1. How to know if the cat has digestive problems?

A. Your cat will show symptoms such as 

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargic

2. Is wet food easier to digest?

A. Wet food is easier to digest as it contains moisture that is easier to break down.

3. How to improve the cat’s digestive system?

A. A balanced diet and meals containing probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals would help the digestive system revive back to its healthy nature.


There could be many reasons behind cats suffering from digestion issues. But in most cases, the right diet can fix it. Cats with digestive issues could be suffering too much. You can help them recover by getting the right food product. Look at the ingredients before getting the food. The products mentioned in this review are safe for cats with digestive issues.

We cannot certainly say which one could work the best; with trial and error, you might find it. But checking the ingredients and consulting the vet could also help you find it.

If you find a product that works well, stick to it. Consult a veterinarian if your cat is not adjusting to any diet.We hope you are ready to find the right food product for your cat now!

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