The Goodlife Recipe Cat Food Reviews

Deciding which cat food to serve gets easier when pet owners have already gone through the necessary research. Product reviews help a lot with respect to portions and other storage needs. Whether you have a kitty or a grown-up cat, the dry food range by The Goodlife Recipe has something for everyone. The best alternatives have also been listed for reference. 

All About “The Goodlife Recipe”

It is an American cat food brand that was established under Mars (incorporated). Though it began as a dog food business, it gradually shifted to cat food and gained much popularity due to the same. Authentic meals are prepared for felines, keeping in mind the health concerns and specific allergies. The promotional song was equally popular in the 1960s.

The brand has been awarded for its excellent packaging in the past (Institute of Packaging Professionals’ AmeriStar). It is commendable due to the inclusion of a zipper inside a multiwall paper bag. This ensures the freshness of contents and therefore, the cat food stays put for long. Overall, this brand specializes in dry cat food.

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The Top Three Products

The Goodlife Recipe Chicken Dry Cat Food For Indoor Cats

The most astounding feature is the absence of preservatives, as it is hard to find natural cat food these days. This alternative is best for adult cats and can even be served to kittens in small amounts. The ingredients include both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, essential to the cat’s development. Portion sizes are not that satisfactory. 


  • Suits only adult cats
  • Contains omega 6 fatty acids as well
  • Packaging might vary disproportionately

Goodlife Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food

Only chicken flavor is available these days. All indoor cats soon develop a liking for this dry food treat with a mixture of garden greens. Hairballs love to have this savory dish. For young cats, this dry food combo can be served along with wet food due to its high compatibility with gravies. The calorie count is comparatively low but the exceptional taste makes up for it. 


  • Variety is limited
  • Can easily be served with wet cat food
  • The blend of healthy ingredients suits cats of all ages

Goodlife Adult Cat Real Chicken And Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

This is the best option for cats who prefer rice over other grains. The kibble will not make your cat obese, nor will it cut down on any essential carbohydrates. If it does not suit your feline, there is a whopping money-back guarantee too. After the first meal, some cats might get diarrhea or nausea due to the recent variations in ingredients. 


  • An additional money-back guarantee provided
  • No wheat is used in the preparation
  • Might lead to digestive issues early on 

Dry Food vs Wet Food

Some cat breeds (except furballs) find it difficult to consume dry food. Therefore, veterinarians advise combining the same with wet food so that the digestibility is improved. The aforementioned food products by The Goodlife Recipe can also be served in a mixed fashion. The kibble can even be served with a home-cooked gravy in the form of treats. 

Cat Food FAQs

  • How much cat food should be served in a day?

Dry food is hard to digest due to its low water content. Therefore, eight to nine pieces of dry cat food are enough for a day. In addition to this dry meal, make sure the cat drinks enough milk and water to avoid constipation. Gravy is essential occasionally. Overeating is as hazardous as dehydration, so try to minimize the chances of both. 

  • Are the products by The Goodlife Recipe sufficient for lactating cats?

Not alone. Lactating cats need to have double the amount of calories, which cannot be provided solely by The Goodlife Recipe dry cat food. On supplementing the same with home-prepared gravy treats or other dairy products, the health can be maintained. The kittens can easily have dry food soaked in water or milk (to improve the chewiness). 

  • Is it necessary to mix dry kibble with cat food?

Yes. Kibble should be the base. All other treats are used as appetizers. This technique also helps while changing the type of food served to cats. Due to highly advanced olfactory senses, cats can sense even minor changes in their diet. Serving just kibble is not recommended because it is an incomplete meal.

The regular food products should be served again. The Goodlife Recipe food items can be combined with the old food so that the cat slowly develops a liking. After three or four weeks, the routine can be changed. No product should be forced as cats are quite choosy regarding what they eat.

  • Is The Goodlife Recipe food safe for allergic kittens?

To a considerable extent. Pet parents should firstly get the allergy tests done to understand which food products prove a bane for their cat. To be on the safer side, the list of ingredients should be checked each time. In case of a sudden allergic reaction, the feline should be rushed to the nearest vet.

  • How to maintain the quality of stored cat food?

By refrigerating it. Airtight containers are recommended for storing dry products by The Goodlife Recipe. Existing pet parents advise storing the food with the original packing so that the necessary information is available each time. Do not serve rotten food to your cat as it might lead to fatal infections in no time. 

  • Has any product been recalled from The Goodlife Recipe?

No records are available. The company has been known for selling dog food as well. It is believed that economic hardships contributed to the failure. The quality quotient has not been questioned to date. Some negative reviews are floating around but they are subjective. Quality up-gradation is a must for all the brands to meet the set standards. 

Conclusion: The Goodlife Recipe is a Satisfactory Cat Food Brand

It is a proven fact that cats develop a bond with their food after a long time. Therefore, if you plan to substitute any kind of meal, make sure you do so with due diligence and care. A lot of tips and tricks for the same have been provided throughout this article. Above all, cat food by The Goodlife Recipe is worth a try for all indoor cats. 

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