The Best Cat Trees Online – 5 Best Vintage Style Cat Tree

Keeping your feline friends happy, healthy, and entertained is the hallmark of a good pet owner. A good cat tree can help you with all three of these things. A bored cat can become destructive around the house, and a lazy or stressed cat can quickly become unhealthy. That’s why it’s essential to provide your cat with toys that stimulate them. Cat trees provide a place to play and scratch or stretch out and relax, making it many cats’ favorite spot. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations, so to help you choose one, here are five of our favorites.

Playing for cats is a very necessary activity, because in this way they manage to discharge all their adrenaline and stay in shape. It is normal for the life of a home feline to be very routine, so you must entertain it. A good option is a best cat tree, this can be the ideal gift for your pet.

If you decide to buy a cat tree, it must adapt to each of your cat’s needs, as well as the space in your house. In this cat tree buying guide you will find relevant information about this product. In addition, as you read you will be able to answer some of the most common questions that users of this article ask themselves.

The most important

  • Cats need to be able to sharpen their nails as this is how they renew them. It is necessary that they play and can discharge their adrenaline and not to mention the hours of rest that they need. All these functions can be offered by the cat tree.
  • In the market you can find different sizes, designs and prices of this product, the correct thing is that it adapts to your needs.
  • Do not worry, it is very likely that your cat adapts to the game tree without any problem, since it has different play areas.

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Ranking: The best cat trees you can find on the market

  • No. 1: Amazon Basics – Cat Tree
  • No. 2: Furhaven Pet – cat tree
  • No. 3: Fancy Pets – Cat Tree
  • No. 4: TRIXIE Pet Products – Cat Tree
  • No. 5: Go Pet Club – Cat Tree

No. 1: Amazon Basics – Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Tree, XX-L, beige

This item is a multi-platform cat tree with scratching posts and enclosed areas. Each platform has steps that give your cat space to relax, play and climb, without any problem. It helps prevent your cat from damaging furniture, curtains, among others. Scratching posts are made from natural jute fiber.

The material with which each part of this tree is made is safe for feline use. Neutral color tones adapt to your home decor. Due to its design and materials it is a durable and resistant product. Its measurements range from 65 cm x 157 cm x 49 cm, as well as a weight of 20.4 kg, which makes it easy to move.

No. 2: Furhaven Pet – cat tree

Furhaven Pet Tiger Rigid Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree House Furniture for Kittens and Cats - Various Colors / Cat Style Condos 114.3 cm to 322.6 cm Height, Two Floors, Gray Double Decker

We are sure that your cat will like this game tree. It has two closed areas, which will give your cat more confidence, one in the shape of a box and with a mouse toy, It has a scratching post made of sisal. It has a ball pendant toy. Your feline will have many play areas, which ensures an active cat.

The base of this tree is large and resists movement. Each shelf, step, and box are covered in fabric, giving your cat extra comfort. This tree is two-legged, making it safe and easy to clean. Color: cream and gray. Dimension of 50 cm x 50 cm x 176 cm and a weight of 191.1 kg, which makes it easy to move.

No. 3: Fancy Pets – Cat Tree

Fancy Pets Cat Scratching Cabinet, Bow, 50 cm

As you know cats have a vital need to sharpen their nails. For this, the best solution is this cat scratching tree. In your cat you can follow its natural instincts without damage to your furniture. In addition, it is an ideal area for play and rest. It is made of wood and lined with soft plush, it is very safe.

Its materials resist time. It has the following measurements: 37 cm X 36 cm X 50 cm and weighs 3.6 kg, which makes it easy to handle and clean. You can get benefits from this product, such as its easy way to assemble and disassemble. In addition, your cat will be able to scratch and play with it as much as he wants, without any problem.

No. 4: TRIXIE Pet Products – Cat Tree

TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower, Gray / Light Gray, 20.25 x 13.75 x 25.5 Inches / Gray / Light Gray

The unique design of our Miguel Fold and Store Cat towers make it ideal for places with little space. You just need to close it and then store it, something quick and easy. While in use, it will give you endless play options for your cat, whether it is exploring, scratching or just relaxing. Your feline will sharpen its nails in the scratching area.

This purchase will make your cat use it as a scratching area instead of your furniture. Which gives you a healthy outlet for your scratching instincts. Brave cats can jump, climb or lie in the cute hammock and wait for prey or just relax and enjoy the view. Its measurements are 51.4 cm x 34.9 cm x 64.8 cm.

No. 5: Go Pet Club – Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Furnished Cat Tree, Beige

This item is a cat tree that is made of compressed wood, plush covering rest areas, and ropes. Ideal for small or medium cats. This article has an assembly and use manual for easy use. Its measurements are 53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 132.1 cm and a weight of 10.4 Kg, which makes it easy to move.

All its strings are made of natural sisal, ensuring zero allergies for your cat. All the material covering the tree is made of synthetic leather, which makes it easy to clean. Due to its beige design, it can match any part of your home. Also, it is a good way to give your kitty an active life.

Best Choice

FEANDREA 63.8 inches Sturdy Cat Tree with Feeding Bowl


This spacious cat tree from Feandrea stands at over five feet tall, making it suitable for those who have multiple cats to entertain.

We love the variety that this tree offers, featuring multiple cozy napping spots, rope toys, and an abundance of reinforced scratching posts. There is even a detachable food bowl, so your cat can chow down while they play. The scratching posts are made from durable, natural sisal rope designed to maintain and sharpen cats’ nails. And with a hammock, plush basket, large cat condo, and multiple perches, this cat tree is great for those who own multiple cats.

Some users have noticed the rope coming undone or looking frayed, but this problem seems to be few and far between. If you see this happening to you, don’t panic, it’s nothing a little bit of hot glue can’t fix.

Best Multi-Level Cat Tree

LAZY BUDDY 72″ Cat Tree Multi-Level with Sisal-Covered Posts with 2 Platforms


Whether your cat likes to lounge, jump, climb, scratch, or pounce, they will love the Lazy Buddy. And more importantly, you’ll love how happy it makes them.

The Lazy Buddy is constructed with stability in mind and features extra thick boards and reinforced posts. The clever triangular design of each level also promotes balance. so there’s almost no chance of your cat knocking it over. The carpeted ramp is perfect for older lazy cats or small kittens that can’t quite make that first jump yet. Once they’re on the first platform, the other board jumps are a little smaller, all the way up to the cozy perch waiting for them at the top.

The biggest complaint among users is the assembly that is required. Since it is so large, it doesn’t come pre-assembled, but it does come with all the hardware you need and a promise of easy assembly.

Best Activity Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

by AmazonBasics

Young or old, your cat is sure to fall head over paws with this cat tree from AmazonBasics. The large scratching area combined with the comfy bed atop makes this tree irresistible to your furry friend

This cat tree is one of the best ones if your cat is obsessed with scratching. Hyperactive cats can scratch until their heart’s content on the four scratching posts. Unlike other trees that only cover a fraction of the posts with rope, the posts on this cat tree are wrapped top to bottom with jute. The sturdy square base takes up just over a square foot, making this cat tree easy to tuck away in a corner and forget about.

The only downside to this cat tree is there’s no way to take the carpet off to do a deep cleaning. As you can imagine, cat trees can get pretty hairy with your cat spending hours on them. If you notice the tree getting hairier than you’re comfortable with, just run a vacuum cleaner over the surface a few times until it is sufficiently clean.

Best for Relaxing

Catry, Grey Cat Tree Condo Paper Rope Covered Scratch Post Activity Center for Climbing Relaxing and Playing

by Catry

This sleek Catry cat tree is designed to please both you and your furry friend. The extra sturdy condo base serves as a cozy reprieve where your cat can catch some Zs.

The sleek design of this cat tree makes it an obvious choice for anyone who is looking for something simple that won’t be an eyesore. The two-tiered layout means your furry friend can lounge around in the kitty condo on the bottom, or jump up to the top to keep an eye on the house. However, what earned this Catry tree a spot on our list is its removable mats that make cleaning super simple. Removable mats aren’t a feature that you see every day, so it goes a long way when comparing products.

The only thing that takes away from this cat tree is that the more your cat scratches, the more shreds of rope fiber come off. It takes a while to notice but can create a mess on your floor over time. Stray rope fibers are fairly standard when it comes to cat trees, so be sure to pick up the tree and vacuum around it, regardless of which one you buy.

Best Vintage Style

FEANDREA 34.6 inches Cat Tree, Medium Cat Tower with 3 Beds and House


The wood veneer on this Feandrea cat tree isn’t something you see often, but we love the vintage touch that it adds. Not to mention, it looks great in any room without clashing with your style.

Aside from the vintage-style appeal, we can appreciate the high-quality materials used to make this cat tree, and we can’t help but love the cute little windows that are placed along the sides. They give your cat a place to peer out of while relaxing on the fluffy cushions. The four cushions can easily be removed and washed to keep their snow-like appearance. The ease of cleaning makes maintaining this cat tree easier than most and can extend its life.

Although this cat tree is very stylish, this comes at the cost of giving up some scratching space. The wood does not make a suitable scratching surface, so your kitty will have to stick to sharpening their claws on the one post and scratching mat.

Shopping guide: What you should know about a cat tree

Before we get to know a little more about the cat tree, it will be useful to know the characteristics of cats. Only then can you ensure that you are making the best selection for your pet. Since a cat tree can have different functions, as well as play areas, therefore, you should continue reading to find out which is the best for your cat.

Are you tired of your cat scratching on your sofa? Well, a tree with a scraper is the solution.

What do I do if the cat tree doesn’t attract my pets’ attention?

It is very likely that the new tree has just arrived at your house, your pet will not even look at it or notice it. If this happens, do not despair, there is a solution. We all know that cats love to play, although new objects generate mistrust, for these situations you can make the new object have the scent of your pet, this is done through some tricks.

You must take one of his toys, either blankets or his own bed, place them on the tree and he will start to smell like your cat. Another option is to put food that you like on the tree, and in this way relate it to something pleasant. But if your cat is playful, it will be even easier, since he can place his toys on the tree and this will attract your pet.

What use is a scraper installed inside my cat tree?

The scraper is an essential part in a cat tree, we assure you that even the simplest tree has a scratcher. Almost always made with natural sisal rope, this material pleases cats and does their mugs good. Cats nails are like their identity, and it is essential to renew them, this is achieved by scratching objects.

Although they also use scratching to mark and claim their territory. Keep in mind that scrapers are a form of play, where they can be stretched, the latter something very good for your joints, muscles and bones. You will get a benefit for yourself and your feline will have an ideal scratcher, he will no longer use your sofa or other furniture.

Why can a cat tree fight my pet’s obesity?

Any feline that spends all day locked up at home may feel bored and cause to move. It is common for cats to sleep 12 to 16 hours a day, making it necessary to activate them for the rest of the day. Any feline is a hunter par excellence and a house without encouragement can be very tedious and harmful.

Cats that spend all day at home become obese. So a cat tree can be that extra spur to keep your pet active by allowing it to climb, jump, and play. All of these activities enhance your pet’s exercise and help them stay in shape while at home.

Don’t worry, it is normal for many feline toys to contain catnip, which they calls “cat grass.”

What consequences can obesity have in cats that do not have a tree to play with?

As in humans, if a cat has an inactive life and becomes obese, it can lead to many health problems. They can also have chronic diseases like diabetes or liver conditions. So it is essential to look for alternatives to keep them active, such as a cat tree.In addition, an overweight feline is at greater risk of developing arthritis, which is generated by the constant wear and tear that its weight causes on its joints. Fortunately, this can be prevented by controlling your pet’s food, and it will also be necessary for your pet to have continuous physical activation, without the need to leave your home.

What are the advantages of playing with a cat tree for my pets?

We already mentioned the benefits that having a cat tree would bring to your pet, but it can also offer you to remove certain hobbies. The fact that your feline passes it without activity inside the house can cause them to develop certain somewhat aggressive attitudes, there is even a case where they have depression. Don’t forget that they are predators and need to move.If your feline spends most of the day locked up at home it can develop somewhat uncomfortable manias. The one with no objects to play with will make you want to hunt down your ornaments and even your legs. So a cat tree is your option, since they discharge their home stress, and obviously, you will save your furniture from multiple scratches.

Should I take into account the number of cats in my home to choose a tree?

It is always ideal to take into account the number of cats that will use the cat tree. Some veterinarians recommend that the owners of various cats offer them different play places where they can lie down. Example, it is recommended that each cat has a bed in which they can lie down and sleep without problem.Although it is normal that there are occasions where these pets decide to play with the same object all the time, generating fights with each other. In these cases it will be necessary for the tree to be large enough to be used by all your pets at the same time. Since there are times when cats are imitated, if one plays, the others play too.

Where should I place the cat tree?

You must bear in mind that the place where you are going to place the cat tree is a place that your pets go to frequently, but you must also value that you also frequent that place in the house and, obviously, it suits you to be there, without causing inconvenience. Avoid placing it near furniture or objects that break easily.In the case of large or overweight cats, we suggest that you place the cat tree close to the wall and, if possible, nail it. This will avoid that when your feline jumps it does not come with everything and tree. You can also place it near the window, your cat will be fascinated, in this way he can see the outside without risks.

Why can cats stop using their tree?

It is normal for your cat to stop playing with his tree, despite the fact that initially he played with it all the time. This can occur for different reasons. One of them may be that the rest area is dirty, remember that cats are very clean. Another reason may be that your cat prefers to avoid adrenaline and his play tree does not give him much security.It is common for felines that fell from their tree to decide not to play and use it again. For this reason, if you notice that the cat tree is not stable enough for the weight or strength of your pet, choose to nail the tree to the wall, only this way you will prevent it from moving. If you put all these safety measures into practice, it is very likely that your feline is happy with his tree.

What is catnip and why does some cat tree’s carry it?

Within the range of toys for cats, it is common for them to contain catnip, which is also called cat grass. It is a plant that is part of the mint, it contains an oil called “nepetalactone” in its leaves. This oil has been shown to have various reactions in cats, including stimulation, except in baby cats.For some cat owners, the effects of this oil is not the best, since it resembles the effect of a drug, however, experts assure that it is not toxic and that it brings more benefits. Example makes your pet more motivated inside your house, wanting to play and be more active. Some cat trees already have an integrated catnip.

What Really Matters

Your Cat(s)

Getting a cat tree that is the right size for your furry companions is essential. If you have multiple cats, you should get a bigger cat tree that can accommodate all of them. Even if you only have one cat, you should take into consideration their size and personality when picking out a cat tree. Are they big enough to jump from platform to platform? Will they fit in the beds? Are they active and constantly running and jumping around the house, or are they more laid back and like to nap and lounge around?


With all of the jumping and climbing that happens on cat trees, you want to be sure the one you get has a stable and sturdy base. Some manufacturers take extra steps to ensure their cat tree is sturdy and impervious to being knocked over, such as extra thick or weighted bases. Purchasing a sturdy and stable cat tree is a great way to keep your wild kitty safe while they play.


Design is one of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a cat tree. Your cat doesn’t care very much about the aesthetics, but you probably do. Most people want something that matches the interior of their home, but all the cats care about is what kind of features it has. Perches, beds, scratching posts, condos, rope toys, are all commonplace in cat trees, but striking the perfect balance can be hard. If you know your cat is hyperactive, then try to get a tree with lots of toys that will stimulate their senses. On the other hand, if your cat is known for plopping down and sleeping for hours on end, maybe focus on finding a tree with a cozy bed for your cat to curl up in.

Available Space

Finally, the amount of space you have available in your home can play a significant role in which cat tree is best for you. If you have a good amount of room, you aren’t as limited in your choices and can choose from cat trees that sprawl both vertically and horizontally. However, if you don’t have a lot of open floor space, try to find a cat tree with a smaller base and features that stretch upwards instead of to the sides.

What’s in Right Now?

Cat trees have only become more elaborate and luxurious as the years pass, and now we find ourselves in 2020 with things like giant sprawling cat trees with tunnels, beds, and toys galore. Another new and very trendy innovation is removable mats and cushions that make cleaning as easy as throwing a load of laundry in the washer. No scrubbing or vacuuming is necessary when you have detachable parts.

Admittedly, though, our favorite trend in 2020 is stackable and customizable cat trees. Stackable trees allow you to start small and scale up down the road if necessary, which can come in handy and save you money as your cat grows and needs more space. Customizable trees make it possible to tailor fit the experience to your cat and their personality. Customizable trees also give you the power to switch it up and give your cat a completely different layout without having to buy another tree.

Purchase criteria

If you have already decided to acquire a cat tree, the ideal is that you make an informed purchase and evaluate certain points, which will involve your pet and your needs. In this section we give you the most relevant points that you should take into account before making the final decision, only then will it be a smart purchase and your cat will enjoy it.

  • Parts of a tree
  • materials
  • Height
  • Extra elements
  • User Ratings

Parts of a tree

Like any product, the tree you choose will have different parts. Cat trees commonly have various utensils, it all depends on their size, although some of these parts are repeated on almost all models. In the following table we show you the most common parts that make up a cat tree.

Parts that make up the treeUses that the cat could give itBenefits
ScraperThe felines need to renew their nails and a scraper helps with this function. In addition, this action is done to mark its territory and to stretch its bodyThe feline will be able to renew the layers of its nails without problem. The best thing is that you stop using your furniture as a scraper, like sofas
PendantsPlay and huntThe animal will discharge its adrenaline with these objects that hang and move
Caves or housesRest and hideFor suspicious cats, these closed places can give you a quiet space. It can be used to play hide and seek, which amuses many cats
Horizontal tableRest and playMany cats love to be up high. These tables will allow you to sleep high or stop to observe your surroundings
HammockRelax and sleepMost trees are designed so that cats can sleep there. Hammocks allow your pet to rest on high
RopePlay and climbThe ropes, in addition to functioning as a possible scratcher, can be a great entertainment where your feline can discharge his adrenaline and do the exercise that his body needs


The material the cat tree is made of will depend on its functionality and what part of the tree is being talked about. Usually, the materials with which the trees are made are the same, there is not much difference between them. Next, we mention the main materials used to make some trees.

  • Natural sisal. Cat tree scrapers are made of this material, as well as some toys made of this rope. This material is obtained from agave, a plant native to Jalisco. There is no evidence that this material generates allergies or conditions in your cats.
  • Plush. It is common for plush to be used to cover resting areas of cat trees. It is generally an absorbent cotton fabric with a smooth texture. Give enough heat to whoever has contact with this fabric.
  • Velvet. This material is used in areas of the cat tree designed for your feline to take a rest. They are made of different fibers. It is a fabric that resembles many hairs, where each thread is distributed evenly. It is comfortable and soft for your pet.
  • MDF. For its acronym in English Medium Density Fibreboard. It is used to coat some of the platforms of the cat tree. This material is made with wood fiber with synthetic resin joined by strong pressure, and thus form a smooth board.


Regardless of the functionality that you will give to your cat tree, there is a wide range of these on the market. Obviously, there are different sizes of cat trees, some can measure up to 3 meters or a few centimeters. You just have to take into account the activity of your cat and the space it has at home, to choose the height.

In the case of young cats, it is advisable to choose those cat trees that are at least one meter high because they are full of energy. While for older or very calm felines a small tree will be ideal. Avoid buying trees bigger than you, since it will be very difficult for you to rescue your feline if he is afraid to get off it.

Extra elements

Some cat trees have extra elements that you must choose based on your pet’s personality. Example, if your feline likes to rest in the heights, it will be convenient for you to choose a tree that has a hammock as an extra element. If it is very restless, choose the tree that has many pendants or strings.

For cats that love to scratch their nails, choose a cat tree that has different spaces that can be used as scratchers. On the other hand, if you like to play hide and seek or are just a suspicious cat, choose one that has a closed house. Remember, that the catnip can be an extra element that will help motivate your pet.

User Ratings

You should review some of the opinions that other users have had about the tree you want to buy. Review each of the comments and pay attention to those comments that have cats very similar to yours. Example, if you have a big cat, look for a comment from a big cat owner who bought the tree you chose.

Any sales page or even the social networks themselves will be your best allies. Not only focus on the product’s score, but it’s also its functionality. Keep in mind that many of the user comments can guide you, making your purchase the most successful for you and your pet.



Expensive cat trees can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400 and typically have features you can’t find anywhere else. The higher price range is where you’ll typically find large, customizable, and luxurious cat trees made from high-end, durable materials that will last for years.


Mid-range cat trees are the most common and will suit most people’s needs. They run from $100 to $200 and have a moderate amount of play and rest areas for your cat. Mid-range trees can vary greatly in size, from 2 feet to 6 feet, although they usually are not as big as expensive ones. They are made from noticeably better materials than cheap ones and have an average lifespan.


Cheap cat trees cost less than $100, and the cheaper you go, the less reliable the construction gets. You can find some sturdy and reliable trees for around $80, but if you go much lower you’ll notice a steep dropoff in quality. Cheaper cat trees tend to have bases and platforms made from corrugated cardboard, which keeps costs low, but significantly reduces its durability and stability. It’s not completely impossible to get a good quality cat tree for cheap, but you’ll have to look a little longer and pay close attention to the details.


Are cat trees safe for kittens?

Cat trees are safe for kittens and play an important role in keeping them healthy and happy. Kittens are little balls of energy, so giving them toys and a designated space to get all of their energy out will keep them from getting stressed or ruining your furniture and shoelaces. Some people worry about kittens falling from perches, but a good rule of thumb is that if they can get up, they can get down. Still, you should keep an eye on kittens when they are playing on the tree for the first time and help them if they look like they’re struggling.

Is bigger always better?

Bigger isn’t always better, and it’s not always necessary either. You shouldn’t just look for the biggest cat tree out there when a smaller one can do the same job. Bigger trees will, of course, have more space, but if you only have one or two cats, there’s no need to splurge on a giant cat tree that they might not even use all of.

What kind of cat tree is best for senior cats?

Senior cats tend to have lower energy levels, but can still benefit from cat trees that are meant for them. Cat trees for seniors will usually have more resting spots than playing spots and may feature steps or ramps that help your old friend navigate the tree. Even if your cat spends lots of time napping, don’t buy a tree without a scratching post. Cats never stop loving a good scratching post, and it is essential to keep their claws healthy at any age.


Any home cat spends many hours of the day at home, which could cause problems in the future. These cats can get bored, develop bad attitudes and habits, or even suffer from obesity. Therefore, having a cat tree in your home is a good way to make your pet active from home.

Like any product, a spending tree has a wide range of options, they can have different parts with different objectives, which must be adjusted to the personality of your kitty. A cat tree is an excellent investment, it keeps your cat active and, best of all, your furniture will not suffer any more damage, because it will already have a special scraper for it.

We hope this cat tree buying guide has been helpful to you and, of course, that it has been helpful to you. We will be grateful if you share this information on all your social networks or if you leave us a comment. Thank you. Until next time!

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