Reviews for Pounce Cat Treats

Cats are known to be picky eaters. Choosing a food brand might be difficult for new carry owners who have no idea regarding ingredient friendliness. Pounce treats combine affordability with the right amount of calories. The levels of animal fat are capped at a lower level to ensure agility in obese cats as well. 

This brand is not a revered one due to the recent incorporation. This Pounce review comprises an exhaustive inclusion of pros and cons for reference purposes. While deciding on the kind of cat food to feed, a few things should be kept in mind – the presence of grains, amount of preservatives, and inclusion of necessary muscle-building nutrients 

Pounce: Evolution of the Company 

Pounce (cat treats) has been in the market since the 1980s and there have been numerous changes in the variety served for felines. The shape of food served was constant – small heart-shaped nuggets (recent variations have taken place). The non-vegetarian food earlier included shrimps and beef as well, apart from Italian bread for cats.

The J.M Smucker Company started this venture to provide low-cost cat meals which can be used for household cats. There have been numerous recalls in the past, which considerably checked the growth of this food proprietory business. Overall, the basic diet can be sufficed by using Pounce meals but the health hazards are inevitable. 

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Review of Crunchy Treats

Tuna Flavor

Pounce Tuna Flavored Cat Treat Crunchy Snack 2.1 oz (Pack of 2)

It helps control tartar buildup to a considerable extent. Cats might like the crunchy taste early on, but the portions are not fulfilling. Tuna flavor is popular due to the long shelf life as well. These crunchy treats have soft interiors so that the cat has no problem chewing the pieces. Digestibility is a bit low due to the inclusion of coarse items. 

There is no other option in dry food items manufactured by Pounce. This one can be fed during the growing years as well as the calcium proportions are adequate for baby kittens as well. Artificial flavors are used for maintaining the addictive taste. Tuna derivatives are barely used. The non-vegetarian essence is bad for felines’ health. 

Review of Moist Treats 

Chicken Flavor

Pounce 5 Pack of Moist Cat Treats, 3 Ounces Each, Chicken Flavor

This was the only product under this brand that was recalled in 2008, owing to the degraded quality and failure in meeting the health standards. The taste resembles that of a sour candy with the essence of chicken. Such a taste might be an instant turndown for most felines. No other essential elements are included.

Among all the products produced by Pounce, this one has the best portion size in a single set. The consistency is lowered if the package is left open for a longer duration. Dried eggs are also used while preparing this essential treat. There are zero essential nutrients. The protein content is also capped at fifteen percent. 

Seafood Medley Flavor

Pounce 2 Pack of Moist Cat Treats, 6.5 Ounces Each, Seafood Medley Flavor

Cats might not like this treat due to the lack of a proportionate mix of different types of seafood. Since cats have a good smelling sense, they might even reject the food without tasting even a single chunk. The medley has different shapes as well, which might be too attractive for kittens. The ingredients include toxic elements like BHA and Guar Gum. 

It is easy to digest due to the highly fibrous soy protein concentrate. If the cat is allergic to salmon, this product might not serve the dietary needs. Cats might occasionally prefer to have this seafood mix if the kibble is mixed in adequate quantities. The maximum permissible serving is nine pieces of Seafood Medley in a day. 

Tuna Flavor (Caribbean Catch)

DEKEAN Pounce Cat Treats, 6.5 Ounces Each, Moist Caribbean Catch Tuna Flavor, 3 Pack

The fish-shaped chunks are the main attraction. Multicolored pieces have been included to make the Pounce treat more appealing to choosy cats as well. This product uses wheat as the basic ingredient and cannot be served with other grain-free treats. It is best served at night, with a few ounces of milk. 

The caloric needs are met easily, thanks to the inclusion of egg protein, along with some other non-vegetarian derivates (for instance, beef). Caribbean Catch is one of the most popular products sold by Pounce cat treats. It is not necessary to mix kibble as the treat is wholesome and cats love the mixed flavor of beef and tuna. 

Health Quotient, and More

The reliability of ingredients is quite low. This is because the low price is sustained using rejected products in most cases. Cat food comprises only small proportions of plant protein. Non-vegetarian inclusions are limited in Pounce products due to the expensive nature of the ingredients. Owners must refer the same to the veterinarians before changing. 

Some essential serving guidelines include presenting small meals to the cat. Providing Pounce cat treats twice a day is enough for sustaining an average-sized cat. Kittens might not take to these treats if served without milk. 

Owners must focus on the ingredients list for preventing any allergic reactions. The best way to improve the cat’s health is to provide mixed meals at regular intervals. 

Cats vs Pounce Treats

Introducing the meal might be a difficult task due to the lack of variety. Crunchy treats are easy to serve. Cat owners must try to mix kibble with moist food items (as per the preferred flavors and proportions). Another downfall is the unavailability of an authentic gravy derivative. Dairy needs cannot be met if the owners rely only on Pounce cat treats.

With time, your furry friends might develop a taste. In case home-prepared cat food is available, Pounce treats can be used to complement the same. Serving the chunks with large bowls of milk might also be appetizing. Owners must not try to serve only a singly type of Pounce cat treats. The picky taste buds take at least a month or two to pick up. 

Conclusion: Pounce Nearly Fails to Establish Itself

This brand has not met the needs of the cat community. There have been numerous changes in the catalog but the overall categorization is quite limited. Pounce cat treats have just one perk – affordability. Pounce users have even claimed that the food appeals to dogs instead of cats. The amount of chemicals used is unregulated. 

Once the cat is habitual to the taste, it might be difficult to change cat food brands. Pounce treats can be mixed with certain other alternatives to satisfy a pet’s hunger. Obese cats hate to have such small proportions. Hope this review helped you gain insight into the quality quotient of this lowkey cat food brand.

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