Is Felix As Good As It Looks? Detailed Review

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The number of cat food brands available is endless, making it difficult to select the best one for your brand. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a cat food brand for your cat. The one and only Felix is one of these brands. Felix claims that its food is as good as it appears on the packaging. Is the claim, however, true? We’ll find out today about the quality, taste, and variety of products Felix has to offer.

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About the brand

Owned by the very famous Purina and Nestle, Felix is a company that deals in cat foods and treats. Their products are loved by many pet owners and thus, it becomes essential for other cat owners to know what the hype is all about. 

Everyone is familiar with Felix brand cat food, the irresistibly delicious cat food for lovable, naughty little rascals. Available in a fascinating variety of exquisite flavours, textures, and types. There’s everything for every kitten and cat, including delicious snacks and meaty delight. It’s hardly surprising that cats adore the Felix brand.

Why Felix?

Felix not only meets your cat’s nutritional needs, but it also has the greatest taste ever. Purina has been committed to developing nutritional, high-quality pet meals that help cats live much longer, and healthier lives. Purina Felix’s full and balanced cat food fulfils criteria greater than most human meals. All cat foods must have all of the elements required for a balanced diet and Felix has it all. The following are a few of the elements that contribute to Felix becoming one of the most popular cat food brands. 

  • It’s classic and complete

Felix cat products fulfil your cat’s hunger and provide it with a pleasurable feeding experience. There are no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives in the goods. As a result, the meal is completely safe for your pet. The jelly food comes in convenient pouches, making it easy to feed your cat.

  • Heroic health benefits

The nutritious combination of Vitamins D and E, balanced minerals, and a supply of Omega 6 fatty acids in Felix cat food is incomparable. You can be tension free as with this food, your kitten will be obtaining all of the goodies and nutrients he or she requires to be ready for fun! 

Felix brand deals in a variety of different cat food products for both kittens and adult cats. Let us look at some of these products and their specifications. 

Felix Kitten As Good As It Looks Dry Cat Formula 

Kittens are one of the most sensitive creatures on earth and thus they need special care and attention. Food is observed as an essential part of life, specifically for kittens. If not fed well or good quality food, your kitten might catch an illness that could lead to a bigger danger as during small age, kitten’s immune systems are still developing. Felix provides you with specifically made cat food for small kittens. The food comes in variety of different sizes and flavours like:

  • Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Rabbit in the meat section 
  • Salmon, Plaice, Cod and Tuna in the fish section 
  • And for the vegetable section they have 
  • Beef and Carrot
  • Chicken and Tomato
  • Salmon and Courgette 
  • Trout and Green Beans

Felix Adult Double Delicious Cat Formula 

As the cat starts to grow, their body starts to demand for more food and proper nutrition. If a proper balanced diet is not fed to the cat, it might start to get ill or it’s lifespan might start to decrease. If you want your cat to live gracefully for long years, you can consider the Adult cat food formula introduced by Felix. The different varieties that come under this section are: 

The doubly delicious fish in jelly which comes in following flavours

  • Herring and Trout
  • Saithe and Salmon
  • Trout and Mackerel 
  • Salmon and Sardine 

The doubly delicious meat in jelly which comes in the following flavours 

  • Beef and Poultry 
  • Turkey and Liver
  • Lamb and Chicken
  • Chicken and Kidney 

Best of Felix 

Felix As Good As It Looks Adult Cat Food Mixed Selection in Jelly

This food is specifically made for fish lover cats out there. The food pack contains fresh and delicious quality ingredients like cod, plaice, salmon and tuna. The pack contains mixed food that not only adds up to the taste but also ensures a complete or balanced diet for your cat. 

Key Features

  • Meets 100% of your cat’s daily diet requirements. 
  • Includes healthy nutrients like Vitamin D and E. 
  • Provides your cat with omega 6
  • Recipe made by professionals 

Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food Meat Selection

Made with mouth watering varieties of chicken, ham, pork and duck, this cat meal contains all the vitamins, minerals and protein. Being carnivorous, a cat’s body requires these nutrients in order to stay healthy and fit. 

Key Features

  • Maintains overall body condition of your cat
  • Helps to keep the coat shiny and skin healthy
  • Source of omega 6 and fatty acids
  • Contains Vitamin D and E 


The Felix brand indeed provides a large variety of products. But when it comes to nutritional value, it might be lesser than other cat food brands. It is important for every cat owner to research first and then only buy the cat food. 

If you think your cat might be allergic to the above-mentioned quality ingredients, then make sure you take it to the vet and consult him once about which cat food to buy. 

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