Eukanuba Cat Food Reviews (2021)

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What’s better than a brand that’s running since 1969 right? Eukanuba comes with experience and has a proper understanding of your cat’s nutritional needs. If you want to provide your small kitten with a healthy start of life or want to control the weight of your cat, Eukanuba has got you covered.

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Why Eukanuba?

Eukanuba’s formula involves only high quality food with no amount of processed veggies, added flavours etc. The food is specifically made keeping in mind all the nutritional needs which include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates,and proteins. 

With proper inspection and safety measures, Eukanuba makes sure that you get fresh cat food every time you buy. One of the main goals of the brand is to provide their customers with products that are planet friendly and thus, about 25% of their energy is generated from wind turbines of their own work place. 

Story behind the name

Coming from the jazz culture of the late 40s, the word Eukanuba is pronounced as You-kan-noo-bah. The word was usually taken to call something as premium, supreme, or at the top. 

The founder of the company, after achieving his best cat food formula, started to think of a name that matched the quality of food that he is providing. Eukanuba matched every glimpse of the name he wanted. 

Even today, after so many years of selling the best cat food, Eukanuba stands at the top. So whenever you find Eukanuba as an option, know that you have the best choice for your pet. 


The brand Eukanuba takes care of the whole packaging process with full supervision. 

  • Eukanuba’s manufacturing sites include metal detectors to detect unwanted fallen objects in the product. 
  • All the bags mention the manufacturing date and time or when the food was made. 
  • The products involve both animal and animal by products. But, the ingredients do not include any teeth, hair or non edible elements. 
  • Ingredients are mainly from the United States. Although, some of their nutritional supplies are imported from China. 

What does Eukanuba deal in? 

This very famous brand provides its customers with a variety of different pet products. Those are as follows

  • Food for Kittens 
  • Food for adult maintenance 
  • Food for hair fall control and to reduce hairball
  • Food for sensitive stomach 
  • Food for weight control
  • Food for indoor cats 
  • Food for outdoor cats
  • Food for mature cats 

Where to buy Eukanuba Cat food? 

Eukanuba Cat food products can easily be purchased online from the following sites:

Eukanuba Ingredients and Nutrition 

Eukanuba products involve a large amount of nutritional value. Some of its products come under the list of above average foods, whereas some are below average. The brand’s performance line provides exceptional nutrition because of the good amount of meat product in them. 

The products usually involve the following quality ingredients: 

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Beef

Eukanuba uses a modest quantity of meat ingredients compared to the size of their product line. The bulk of their dishes use chicken as the main ingredient, owing to the fact that it is the most cost-effective meat. However, there is nothing wrong with this because chicken is a highly nutritious and high-protein animal source. 

Liver, such as Beef Liver, is used in some Eukanuba recipes. This type of meat is an excellent addition to pet food since it can increase the levels of Vitamins and Minerals in a recipe that would otherwise be lacking, as well as improve the flavour.

Note: The Eukanuba food contains Sorghum, corn and wheat as well. Many pet owners refuse to buy this product as these ingredients are not termed as healthy for animals. 

Best of Eukanuba 

Eukanuba Adult Chicken Formula

Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag

This product is specifically made for adult cats out there. Adult cats require a specific amount of nutritional value and the Eukanuba provides you with that. The chicken formula includes chicken by product, corn meal, dried egg product, Vitamin E source. 

Key features 

  • Promotes lean muscle development 
  • Supports healthy brain function
  • Contains DHA, Vitamin E, animal protein and glucosamine. 
  • Helps to maintain dental health 

Eukanuba Adult Weight Control formula 

If your cat has started to get obese along with the age growth, you might need to look out for its healthy weight. Eukanuba’s weight control formula doesn’t allow your cat’s body to gain weight. The recipe is crafted keeping in mind all the nutrition requirements of your cat. 

Key Features 

  • Promotes healthy teeth and skin 
  • Good for urinary health
  • Contains antioxidants to support defences
  • Helps maintain muscles with high amount of protein 
  • Contains fibre and prebiotics 

Eukanuba Chicken formula For Kittens 

Small cats are adorable yet sensitive. Thus, they cannot be fed just any type of food. Eukanuba’s chicken formula for kittens allows your kitten to stay strong during its initial stage of life and also keeps it healthy. The formula is perfect for kittens of age between 4 months to 1 year. 

Key features 

  • Helps in healthy growth and provides high quality nutrition 
  • Promotes intestinal health 
  • Keeps skin and coat healthy 
  • Ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 


While the Eukanuba Company claims that this recipe is good for your cat’s health, it doesn’t seem to live up to its name. It contains allergens and low-quality components that could potentially harm your cat’s health. If your cat has a corn allergy or has trouble digesting maize, it’s very crucial to avoid this cat food. Even if your cat is not allergic to these ingredients, make sure you consult your vet before feeding your cat with this food product. However, it’s worth noting that meat items are at the top of the list.

Not all cat food brands provide you with the proper ingredients list as Eukanuba. Along with being an honest brand, it also provides you with cost-effective products. The products of this brand are comparatively cheaper than other cat food brands. If you are low on budget, you can surely choose Eukanuba. 

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