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Indoor cat

Best Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Every pet owner wants to provide their pets with nutrient-rich foods. In the modern-day scenario, choosing the most suitable dry cat food for your feline buddy can be a perplexing task with so many options available. Here is a list of the best dry cat foods for indoor cats to make your hunt for the […]

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Manx Cat

10 Best Cat Food For Manx Cat

Are you trying to find the best food for your Manx cat? Then, we are here to help you out! The Manx is a rare species, and the most noticeable aspect among the purebred cats is that they don’t have a tail. These tailless cats are quite popular. Manx cats are very friendly, and they […]

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Korat Cat

Best Food You Should Feed To Your New Korat

Now that you brought home a new Korat cat, you must be curious about what food is the best for your new furry friend. Since you are here right now, we will tell you everything about it. First, it’s important to mention that your Korat cat needs to meet the Vet. It’s highly recommended that […]

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Best Cat Food for Abyssinian Cats (2021)

Abyssinian cats are a spirited and enthusiastic breed. With the right diet, they can play and be active all day long. So, it is every owner’s responsibility to ensure that your playful little furball is supplied with a rich source of energy so that it can run around the house without getting exhausted. Like most […]

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8 Best Cat Foods for Balinese Cats (2021)

Balinese cats thrive on a mixture of different kinds of foods. A Balinese cat’s stomach will be very content if you feed it a blend of dry, wet, and homemade cat food. They are often picky and particular about their food. So, knowing what your Balinese loves and what its body needs is the first […]

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British Shorthair Cat

Best Cat Foods for British Shorthairs

If you are on the lookout for a British Shorthair Cat or already have one, then you might have had many questions regarding its diet in the past. Given the vast variety of brands and false advertising going around, it is highly imperative for a pet parent to choose the right food for their feline […]

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Burmese Cat

Best Cat Foods for Burmese Cats [ 2021 ]

Burmese cats have more to them than just their vanquish looks. Burmese translates to beautiful and splendid in Thai language and this breed has lived up to its expectation. When it comes to size, these felines appear gigantic as compared to other breeds. Burmese cats may appear to be small and sleek, yet their stature […]

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american curl

7 Best Cat Foods for American Curl Cats

American curl cats are one of the most high-spirited cat breeds. Famous for their charming curled back ears, these fur babies are affectionate and love cuddles. The American curl is predominantly a healthy breed. Thanks to its large gene pool!  However, neglecting their health might invite unwanted health issues. So, as a responsible cat owner, […]

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Best Cat Food for Persian Cats

Almost every kid wanted a Persian cat like Snowbell after watching Stuart Little. Their beautiful and thick coat of fur and their compliant nature have made them one of the most adorable and popular cat breeds. However, every cat owner knows that Persian cats often face certain health issues. So, choosing the proper food for […]

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Devon Rex

8 Best Cat Foods for Devon Rex

Ascending from the family of panthers and leopards, Devon Rexes are one of the most exquisite cat breeds out there. Thanks to their soft tail and curly coat, they are often called ‘the poodles of the cat world.’  There is always some debate over which food to feed to your feline friend. Wet or dry? […]

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