Best Cat Foods For Hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism is a common disease that attacks cats. It is caused due to the increased production of thyroid hormones. This condition occurs in cats of middle age or older cats. 

Most of the time, hyperthyroidism is caused due to the diet that the cats take. However, it could be due to nutrition deficiency or if the cat is fed too much of something. Since hyperthyroidism could affect most organs in the long run, it’s very important to give your cat the right care and treatment. Along with treatment, the most significant aspect is dietary therapy. Watch what you feed your cat

So, what to feed your cat? First, you must find food with low carbohydrates that go with a balanced diet. This will help control the thyroid.

We made a list of foods that are safe to give to the cats that suffer from hyperthyroidism. Many food products on the following list are made, keeping in mind the health of the cats. Ingredients carefully chosen and formulated to make your cat feel better soon. Check them out and decide which food is best to help your cat recover. 

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1. Wellness Pate- Chicken Entrée Smooth Loaf

Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Chicken Pate, 5.5 Ounces (Pack of 24)

We bring to you a product that gives your cat complete and balanced nutrition. The primary ingredient in this product is chicken which is high in protein. As a result, your cat gets all the energy it requires.

Other crucial ingredients found in this food product are omega and flax seeds that are solely responsible for improving your cat’s skin and coat conditions. 

There are also antioxidants and taurine, along with vital vitamins and much-needed minerals. All these come together to support the immune system of your cat.

Wellness Pate has the right elements needed for your cat’s diet. Added to this, Wellness Pate consists of natural ingredients that are powerful health boosters. 

Cats with hyperthyroidism need close monitoring with the diet; this food product can help your cat revive its health. 

Wellness is rightly named as this cat food is manufactured for the overall well-being of the cat. Wellness will keep your cat healthy for a long time, from lustrous skin and coat to a good immune system.

Key Benefits

Strengthens muscles Provides hydration 

2. Hills Prescription Diet- Thyroid Care y/d with Chicken 

Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Thyroid Care with Chicken Canned Cat Food, Veterinary Diet, 5.5 oz, 24-pack wet food

You can only buy this food product if the vet gives a prescription.

This product is clinically proven to bring a difference in the health condition of the cats that suffer from thyroid. When you feed your cat regularly, you’ll find the change in about just three weeks.

Also, this food must be given as the sole source of protein; only then you’ll witness the change in your cat.

This Hills Thyroid care food improves kidney health as it contains the right amount of phosphorus and low sodium that work well to maintain the bladder’s health. These elements control the mineral levels in the body of the cat.

Hill’s Diet makes sure to bring out the clinical formulation for most diseases and conditions of the pet. The veterinarians and the nutritionists work together to bring out formulas for the food products so you can be sure that your pets are getting the right treatment. Moreover, you get this product only with the vet’s prescription.

The health benefits for your cat from this pate food are; decreased T4 production, and it also helps in the healthy functioning of the kidney, heart, and urinary health.

Consult your vet and find out if this food can help your cat. Once you get the prescription, you can make the purchase.

Key Benefits

Can improve thyroid health in 3 weeks, it’s a complete daily nutrition

3. American Journey Minced Chicken Recipe 

The next on our list is a gravy formula. Most cats love gravy food as it’s easier to consume, and actually, most cats find wet foods more delicious.

American Journey’s Chicken Recipe is made with real minced meat. Premium chicken is used for this formula, and it contains rich nutrition.

The cat will derive muscle strength and all the essential protein required to sustain after consuming this high-quality meat. 

Along with rich protein, you’ll also find amino acids, like taurine, that are good for healthy skin, coat, eyes, and heart. Cats with hypothyroidism would need a well-balanced diet to stay strong.

When you offer only the best food to your cat, you’ll witness the change in their health. Vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids add up for more health benefits for your cat.

There’s no grain or any additive in this food. It’s all-natural and healthy for your cat to consume.

The real meat does most of the work here. And with the blend of other elements, this food works well as a formula in giving your cat the nutrition and care it deserves.

Key Benefits

A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrition Made in the US with carefully selected ingredients 

4. Solid Gold Indigo Moon High Protein 

Solid Gold - Indigo Moon with All Natural Chicken & Egg - Grain Free & Gluten Free - High Protein Holistic Dry Cat Food for All Life Stages - 12lb Bag

Energy is obtained from consumed food, and Solid Gold goes an extra mile to make sure your cat gains all the energy it requires. 

The main ingredients of the food are chicken and eggs; this shows us that it contains high amounts of protein. 

42% of the food is protein, and the remaining percentage is all about the other nutrients that play an important role in building a healthy immune in cats. 

If your cat is diabetic, you need not hesitate to get this product. It’s made keeping in mind various health conditions. 

The ingredients combined in this food are all-natural. First, the primary ingredients are farm-raised chicken, whole eggs that are nutrient-rich. Along with these ingredients, it also contains plant produce like peas which are rich in fiber. 

This is a highly recommended food for your cat as the super-strong natural formula is great in keeping up the cat’s gut health and improving the immune system.

Key Benefits

Provides probiotic support for a healthy gut. A unique blend of ingredients that boost immunity

5. Purina Pro Plan Savor 

Purina Pro Plan Gravy Wet Cat Food, Chicken & Rice Entree - (24) 3 oz. Pull-Top Cans

Purnia comes with nutrition that works excellently. The gravy formulas have worked wonders and kept the cats healthy.

This food product is made of real ingredients that stand out in their quality.

When you feed your cat with Purina, you are helping your cat by giving it good protein and controlling its fat levels.

Added to this, this diet contributes to the long-term health benefits of your cat.

You need not worry about the fussy and picky eaters. Purina manages to attract the cats with texture, taste, and smell.

Real meat blended with natural ingredients is a healthy way to treat cats. The presence of high protein, rich nutrition, antioxidants, fats, and amino acids looks after your cat’s overall health, from diet to digestion.

Key Benefits

Rich nutrition with a balanced diet Optimal protein and fat levels with powerful antioxidants

Facts and Information about Hyperthyroidism in cats

1. Studies found that the main cause for hyperthyroidism is due to food. So that’s why this disease is very much prevalent among cats.

2. Excess amounts of iodine in the body can cause the hormone glands to react heavily. 

3. Cats that consume a lot of fish are mostly prone to this disease. 

4. Canned food could also be one of the major reasons, especially those that include by-products 

5. Chemicals known as PBDE may be a factor that can cause hyperthyroidism when you look at the environmental factors.

6. Aging could also cause hyperthyroidism. Even if your cat has never gone outside or has never eaten canned food, there are chances for it to be affected by the disease. 


1. Can a cat be cured of hyperthyroidism?

Yes, cats can recover from hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, this disease is common widespread within cats. When you ignore the problem for long, it could lead to cardiac complications. 

2. How to treat hyperthyroidism in cats naturally?

Though natural remedies don’t work quickly, the only thing to rely on is giving your cat a balanced diet. When you take care of what your cat eats, you can reduce the chances of complications.

3. Do cats with hyperthyroidism lose weight?

Yes, cats with hyperthyroidism lose weight as this disease will cause increased metabolic activity. So no matter how much your cat eats, it tends to lose weight.

To help your cat regain its weight, you must feed more quality protein and high-calorie food. So, if you are feeding your cat the right way, you can help it improve its health.


You must pay attention to your cat when you find symptoms of hyperthyroidism. This could be a serious issue if left untreated. A balanced and nutritious diet could comfort your cat a lot. The products mentioned above have worked well in building up good health for cats that suffer from health issues. 

Hyperthyroidism can be treated when you feed your cat the right diet. Ask your vet and choose the products that can help your cat revive their strength and immunity. 

A healthy diet could be a very powerful cure for cats suffering from hyperthyroidism, so check the ingredients and get what your cat enjoys the most.

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