Best Cat Food for Gastrointestinal Problems

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Cats suffer from gastrointestinal problems when they eat food that the stomach fails to digest; it’s probably because the food intake was harmful. If the food doesn’t digest, the stomach lining is damaged by infections, parasites, poison, bacteria, and tumors that deteriorate the cat’s immune system.

It could be very disheartening to see your feline companion suffer and have an eating disorder as a pet owner. Looking after a sick pet could be challenging, and the only way you can help improve its condition is by taking good care. 

Get a vet appointment if needed, and with guidance, you can help your cat fight the gastrointestinal problem. 

Food is the best nourishment; make sure to provide good food to help your cat recover sooner. Now, are you in search of cat food that is specially made for a troubled stomach? Then you are at the right place! We bring to you some of the best food products available in the market. Take a look at our exclusive list!

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1. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Brown Rice 15-Lb

The first one on the list is the best of the best. Though your cat has a sick stomach, there’s no saying ‘no’ to delicious food. Blue Buffalo packs high-quality ingredients. It is made of ‘Lifesource Bits,’ which contain essential vitamins, vital minerals, and most importantly, antioxidant-rich ingredients.

This dry food includes powerful probiotics that are responsible for aiding the cat’s stomach lining. Ingredients included are deboned chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, flax, peas, and carrots.

 The rich blend of ingredients makes this cat food healthy and loaded with all the requirements. Most importantly, it’s easy to digest. You can feed cats with gastrointestinal problems with this nutrient-rich mix.

Key Benefits

Contains high-quality protein Blend of healthy grains, vegetables, and fruits Contain’s omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which aid better skin and fur

2. Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet – Grain and Potato Free

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Chicken Dry Cat Food, 12 Lbs., Model:39034

Limited ingredient means carefully picked and blended elements that bring out the best cat food. This food ensures to provide a balanced diet, especially for cats with sensitive stomachs. 

Merrick proves that you don’t need to look for products containing more ingredients to provide better nutrition; this limited ingredient food gives everything your cat deserves. The available flavors are chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon. If your cat has a favorite meat, you can choose the flavor it would enjoy the most.

The food is easy to digest, gives tons of protein, vitamins, and minerals, giving your cat a complete diet. This food is specially crafted for cats that have sensitive stomachs. 

Key Benefits

Easy-to-digest protein and carbohydrates It doesn’t contain grain, gluten, dairy eggs, or corn.

3. Holo Quail and Garden Greens Recipe 

Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food - Sensitive Stomach Recipe - Premium and Holistic Quail & Garden Greens - 5.5oz Can (Pack of 12) - Sustainably Sourced Adult Wet Cat Food - Non-GMO and BPA Free

We have yet another excellent pick for your feline companion to feel better about its stomach. Cats love meat, and Holo makes it possible by making a product that will satisfy your cat’s meat cravings.

This wet cat food is made of all-natural ingredients. So you know that you are choosing a quality product. The manufacturer promises that all ingredients added that are derived from plants or animals are pure. It also contains a high amount of protein that is necessary for your cat. 

Holo’s whole meat allows your cat to digest the food more efficiently. It focuses on optimum nutrition. Only the beneficial parts of the animal meat are used in this blend. The food is undoubtedly nutrient-rich.

You don’t have to worry about meat meals; it’s all real meat full of holistic whole protein. With one quality cat food product, you can solve this issue!

Key Benefits

It only contains whole meat. High-quality protein guaranteed Ideal for cats that are picky eaters 

4. FirstMate Limited Ingredients 

FirstMate prepared grain-free cat food with turkey, chicken, and salmon formulas. It’s a limited ingredient cat food, focused on whole meat. This food product has helped the cats with gastrointestinal troubles to eat well.

It is made with a single potent ingredient that is responsible for easy digestion. It cures cats who are triggered by allergies or sensitive stomachs. 

Give your cat the best treatment and help them recover sooner. FirstMate has made a mark with its high-quality check. Also, this food product is ideal for cats of all ages. It’s a delicious and nutritious treat for the cats and is gentle on the stomach. This is the food required to revive the nourishment of your sick pet.

Key Benefits

Wet food that contains 96% protein. Complete balanced diet for cats of all ages Simple ingredients that are good for the stomach

5. Instinct Original Grain-Free

Instinct Original Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food by Nature's Variety, 3 oz. Cans (Case of 24)

Ingredients are chosen based on the natural concept; Instinct comes up with food that provides good protein. No grains or gluten included. Real meat combined with natural fruits and vegetables is formulated to provide your cat with a pure and biological diet.

When it comes to nutrition, the food stands very rich. So your cat is having real food and nothing artificial, and you can be sure about it. This cat food is made by considering every single ingredient that goes into the blend. This, in turn, shows a significant impact on your cat’s health. 

Nutrition and enzymes derived from this food will ensure good digestion and better stomach health. Available in rabbit, chicken, and duck flavors, only good reared animal meat is added to ensure your cat has the proper diet and better food even at times of sickness. 

Key Benefits

Meat from farm-raised animals 95% meat-rich and 5% fruits and other wholesome ingredients No added flavors or preservatives 

Facts and Points to Keep in Mind While Taking Care of Cats with Sensitive Stomachs 

1. If your cat is throwing up or coughing hairballs, don’t panic looking at the hair. It’s normal for cats to ingest hairballs as they groom themselves, but if they are throwing up severely, there’s something else worrying their stomach; try remembering what you fed it last time.

2. Your cat doesn’t vomit only due to ingestion. It could be due to an underlying disorder too. Consult the vet if it’s a prevalent issue.

3. Most of the time, the cats can get over the sickness by the shift in diet. But remember to take the advice of the vet before changing the diet suddenly.

4. You can follow a diet trial for your pet to figure out what works the best. It’s not possible to determine what kind of food is better without actually letting your cat eat.

5. It could take about three to four months for your cat to clear out the food that’s inside its system. So you can start finding results only after a certain period 

6. You don’t need any prescription to buy a limited ingredient diet. Most of the products that claim to be natural are safe to feed your cats. 

Consult the vet on what ingredients are necessary if your cat has food allergies. 


1. What are the leading causes of gastrointestinal problems?

A. Mainly caused by poorly digested food, however, it could also be due to allergies or unnatural foods like additives, preservatives, and flavors.

2. How to know if the cat is suffering from gastrointestinal problems?

A. If you find your cat becoming lethargic and has lost appetite with vomiting or diarrhea as additional symptoms, these are the signs of gastrointestinal problems.

3. What are the ingredients suitable for feeding cats with sensitive stomachs?

A. Easy digestible foods that include whole meat and natural plant produce tend to be gentle on the cat’s stomach, boosting immunity.

4. Which cat breeds are more prone to gastrointestinal disease?

A. Any cat breed can be prone to gastrointestinal disease. Dr. Michele Gaspar says that two breeds seem to be frequently affected, which are Siamese and Rex. This could be due to genetics.

5. What foods should be avoided for cats suffering from stomach problems?

A. Here’s a list of ingredients to avoid 

  • Wheat gluten
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Seafood


We hope our review could help you decide on what to feed your cat. The cats must gain strength and energy while fighting gastrointestinal problems.

Choose food that is natural and high on protein. Fortunately, many cat food manufacturers drew their attention to make food for cats that have sensitive stomachs. They picked out ingredients carefully and made quality food products delicious for your cat while also imbibing a better immune system.

There are multiple flavors to choose from; find your cat’s favorite and let them be satisfied with every meal. You will also find cat foods specially made for picky eaters, so if you have cats that eat well or don’t eat at all, you have the right thing to purchase.

Find food that is best for your cat. There are different forms to choose from. Here’s a tip for choosing: most cats love wet foods over dry ones, and they look for meat flavors.  

Browse and get the right one now!

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