5 Best Vegan Cat Foods

Who doesn’t want to provide the best diet to their fur buds?  Having a pet comes with the responsibility of providing the utmost care and quality food. Monitoring their diet is crucial for proper development as every cat has its own unique likes and dislikes. 

As veganism is on the rise, some people find it convenient to put their pets on a vegan diet as well.  Here’s a list of some of the best vegan cat foods that you can buy : 

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1. Benevo Vegan Adult Cat Food

Benevo Vegan Adult Cat Food 10Kg

Benevo cat kibble is made entirely of natural ingredients and has no artificial flavorings.  It has got an excellent equilibrium of protein,  fat, and fiber. Without needing to eat animal products, the added taurine, spirulina, and yucca ensure that your cat remains fit and active. 

This is something you can feed to your cat at any stage. According to the majority of testimonials, cats, especially those who are known to be finicky, adore these. The only disadvantage of using this brand is the exorbitant price.

2. Evolution Diet Vegetable Stew Moist Food

Evolution Diet Vegan Vegetable Stew Wet Dog & Cat Food with Non-GMO Ingredients (24 cans)

Evolution Diet  Vegetable Food is a type of paste created using organic ingredients. It contains extra taurine, which promotes clear vision and prevents gastric issues. 

It features a balanced diet of all essential nutrients and is suited for dogs and cats of all ages. 

However, some pet owners have stated that the stench bothers their pets. Furthermore, the slightly higher cost is a disadvantage.

AMI Cat Food

AMI Cat 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) (16.5 pounds)

This vegan cat food is composed entirely of natural and plant-based components. There are no livestock by-products in it. It is created as a comprehensive feast and does not require the acquisition of extra components, unlike Wysong Food. It is also more cost-effective in this regard. 

It contains amino acids and many vitamins, ensuring that your cat receives all of the nutrients they require while following a vegan diet.

 Wysong Vegan Dry Food

Wysong Vegan Feline/Canine Formula Dry Dog/Cat Food - 5 Pound Bag

Wysong’s pet food is a vegan foundation food that can be used for the impeachment process or as a base to add lean meat to. An elimination diet permits you to replace all but the essential meal options in your pet’s diet with ones of your choice. 

Additional nutrients and antioxidants have also been added to the dry kibble, making it appropriate for cats of all ages. It also has prebiotics, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, and arginine reserves. 

The key point to consider about this item is that it is designed to be a substrate rather than a complete meal, so you will need to purchase extra items for each meal.

Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue Cat Food

Vegan Gourmet Fondue Dry Cat Food, High Protein Kibble (5 lb)

This cat food is made out of dry organic kibble and is meant to be a complete meal for your cat. It contains rich reserves of taurine, vitamins, and other nutrients that your cat requires for proper growth. With this product, you won’t need to add any other items to deliver your cat a balanced diet. 

It is preferable to add water to your cat’s food, just like it is to most other kibbles because moist foods are simpler for your cat to ingest than dry foods. Meals that have been dampened also appear to be more appealing to your kitties.

Apart from these products, you can also opt for feeding things that outdoor cats generally like eating. This includes chicken, rabbits, and fish. Not only will this be cost-effective, but it will also benefit your feline’s digestive system. 

Research suggests that only 10% of cat owners who are vegan are able to feed a plant-based diet to their cats. As more and more plant-based foods are coming into the market, the dilemma-downshift of vegan foods not being sufficient is happening steadily. 

Research Criteria: Nutrient Composition 


This is a type of amino acid whose presence is essential in a cat’s food. It helps in strengthening their vision. Since cats cannot synthesize this enzyme themselves, all the plant-based foods listed above already come loaded with taurine. The deficiency of taurine can cause heart disease and visual impairment. 

Vitamin B

This helps the body absorb all the nutrients that it churns out from the foods that cats eat. It also improves their nervous system, along with giving them enhanced visuals and cognitive functioning. 

This vitamin can be found in meat, eggs, and the liver. In vegetables, it is present in very minimal quantities and hence is added externally. 


When protein decomposes, it leaves ammonia traces in the body of a cat as a byproduct. Arginine helps in removing this ammonia and is also known as the building block of protein. Deficiency of arginine can lead to vomiting, confusion, and weight loss.


Being a carnivore, a cat needs more protein as compared to other pets like dogs and horses. 

Other Vital Supplements

Plants are filled with the goodness of vitamin A. This is yet another nutrient essential for the long life of your cat. Vitamin A can be found in carrots and other leafy veggies. Furthermore, as cats like to bask under the sunlight, they get plenty of vitamin D as well. Fatty acids and Vitamin D2 are also imperative. 


Cats are very picky when it comes to food. Their body requires high levels of nutrients due to different carbohydrate metabolism. Hence, always steer clear of feeding human or dog food to your kitty. 

There are many speculations that show doubts of the community in regard to feeding vegan food to cats. This stems from the reason that cats primarily thrive on nutrients obtained from animal meat, for example, Arginine and Taurine. 

Vegan diets don’t have ample concentration of these proteins and thus require additional supplements alongside. Therefore, monitor closely and read the reviews before making any purchase. 

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